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INDEX Navy-Continued. Philippine war damage claims, inclusion of designated persons as "qualified persons"----------------------- Philippines, Republic of the, detail of officers and men to-------------- Physical examinations by civilians; compensation- ---------------- Property, supplies, etc., interchange be- tween Army, Navy, and Coast Guard without compensation, au- thorized---------------------- Prostitution, prohibition of, near naval establishments, provisions made permanent--------------------- Public Health Service, treatment of active-duty personnel in Marine hospitals and out-patient offices, funds available------------------ Public quarters- Assignment of enlisted personnel in service capacity authorized ---- Furnishing to naval personnel, au- thorized-------------------- Rations and commutation, allowance Page 129 315 853 883 182 691 855 854 of --------------------- 855 Enlisted personnel on furlough, etc_- 858 Repeals of prior legislation respect- ing ------------------------- 855 Rear admirals, certain, of retired list recalled to active duty, pay, etc--- 86 Receipts from sales, etc., use of------- 856 Reduction in designated appropria- tions-------------------- 15, 225, 626 Regulations, etc., in force, copies to officers, repeal of provision respect- ing -------------------------- 234 Remains of certain persons buried out- side U. S., evacuation and return- _ _ 183 Appropriation authorized----------- 183 Appropriation for---------------- 268 Rental allowances, occupancy of Gov- ernment facilities under Military Establishment------------------ 565 Retired officers, employment by Vet- erans' Administration authorized; duration of authority ----------- 978 Retirement- Deferment by President in certain cases----------------------- - 29 Election of benefits---------------- 997 Physical disability while serving un- der temporary appointment, benefits; limitation ----_ -- -- -- 995 Recall to active duty, grade, etc----- 28 Repeals of designated provisions respecting-------------------- 29 Retirement boards- Appointment; composition ------- 26, 27 Navy-Continued. Page Retirement-Continued. Retirement boards-Continued. Recommendations, submittal to President -..--------------- Retired list, placement of officers on; rank and pay----------- Termination of convening author- ity-----

Temporary status, effect upon grade, 27 27 rank, and pay----------------- 28 Safety, occupational health, etc., use of appropriations for promotion of--- 856 Sampson, N. Y ., reimbursement of cer- tain personnel for personal prop- erty loss ---------------------- 236 San Diego, Calif., reimbursement of certain personnel for personal property loss----------------- 121, 235 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, use free of tolls in certain cases ------ 347 Scientific investigations and research, expenditures authorized---------- 856 Scout Observation Service Unit One, Navy 128, reimbursement of cer- tain personnel for personal prop- erty losses as result of fire -------- 87 Selective Service personnel, travel of; payment of expenses------------- 614 Selective Training and Service Act of 1940. See separate title. Service credit for service before eighteen years of age; effective period------ 32 Shore patrols, expenditures for opera- tion authorized----------------- 856 Tableware, etc., in officers' quarters, restriction on use of funds for---..- 485 Temporary status of personnel- Continuance for designated period, authorized . ---- ---- ---- ---- -- 28 Grade, rank, pay, and retirement, effect on-------------------- 28 Recall to active duty, grade, etc -- - 28 Transportation, travel, etc. - Amendments to Pay Readjustment Act of 1942 respecting allow- ances, expenses, etc--------- 858, 859 Availability of appropriations for payment of tolls and fares ----- 856 Naval vessels, transportation and subsistence of certain persons at Government expense in time of war or national emergency------ 855 Personnel separated under conditions other than honorable --------- 126 Vehicles, personally owned, transpor- tation on permanent change of station------------------------ 857 Vessels. See separate title. CXXI