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CXXIX Newport, R. I: Page Harbor, examination and survey au- thorized----------------------- 638 Naval Torpedo Station, appropriation for---------------------------- 486 Naval Training Station- Appropriation for----------------- 483 Reduction in appropriations------- 15, 626 Transfer of funds to -------------- 227 Newport News Creek, improvement au- thorized-------------------------- 635 Newspapers, Weekly, Etc., enjoying mail- ing privileges, sworn statements re- specting circulation, requirement of-- 416 Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, issuance of refunding bonds ---------------- 245 Night Differential, Government em- ployees--------------------------- 218 Nogales Sanitation and Flood-Control Projects, provisions and conditions-- 455 Nonconnah Creek, flood-protection proj- ect, increase in authorization------- 647 Nonessential Federal Expenditures, Joint Committee on Reduction of, appro- priation for----------------------- 184 Norfolk, Va.: Harbor, improvement authorized------- 635 Naval Training Station, reduction in appropriations----------------- 15, 626 Norfolk and Western Railway Company, construction of bridge near Radford, Va., authorized; rights granted----- 269 Norstad, Lauris, appointment as per- manent brigadier general of the line of the Regular Army, authorized---- 56 North Alexander, Ill., examination and survey of Clear Creek authorized---- 652 North Canadian River: Flood-protection project authorized---. 648 Irrigation storage in Canton Reservoir, provision authorized; condition---- 647 North Carolina: Cape Hatteras National Seashore Rec- reational Area- Conveyances, certain, time extension for------------------- - 32 Structures, maintenance of, appro- priation for------------------ 376 Flood-protection projects, adoption and authorization ------------------ 645 Preliminary examinations and surveys of rivers, etc., authorized--------- 639 North Dakota: Burlington farmstead and coal-mine project, transfer to State--------- 30f Devils Lake Indian Reservation, juris- diction over offenses committed on- 221 Flood-protection projects, adoption and authorization------------------- 64f North Dakota-Continued. Fort Berthold Reservation Indians, ap- propriation authorized for payment of claims-------------------- Appropriation for -. -- ---- --- --- Garrison Reservoir- Garrison Dam, limitation on con- struction ----------------- Maintenance and operation, limita- tion on use of funds for------- School facilities for dependents of persons engaged on construction, provision authorized --------- Indians, buildings and utilities, con- struction, etc., appropriation for- _ Preliminary examinations and surveys of rivers, etc., authorized------- North East River, Church Point to Stony Run, Md., examination and survey authorized------------------------ North Little Rock Levee, flood-protection project authorized---------------- North New River Canal, Fla., examination and survey authorized------------- North Platte Project, Nebr. -W yo., appro- priation for operation and main- tenance-------------------------- Northern Idaho Indians, Idaho, appro- priation for industrial assistance --- Northport, Wash., bridge authorized across Columbia River at or near -------- Nurseries and Nursery Schools, D. C.: Appropriation authorized------------- Appropriation for-------------------- Employees, payment of compensation for services rendered during desig- nated period, authorized ...- -- -- Establishment, etc., authorized -- -- Nurses: Army Nurse Corps, depcndents, pay- ment of transportation costs on commuted basis in certain cases--. National-defense training, reduction in appropriation ------------------ Navy Nurse Corps- Dependents, payment of transporta- tion costs on commuted basis in certain cases ----------------- Hospital messes, subsisting in ----- Public quarters, furnishing of, author- ized ------------------------ Training for certain, appropriation for- O Obligations, International. See Interna- tional Obligations. 9 Occupied Areas: Administration- Army, funds for----------------- Page 333 359 167 163 643 358 652 639 646 651 365 361 300 894 540 562 INDEX