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Washington-Continued. Page Indians-Continued. Yakima Tribes, provision for member- ship roll---- ------------ _--. 96E Navigation and flood-control projects authorized--------_ --- ----- ---- _ 637 Northport, bridge authorized across Columbia River at or near-------. 300 Olympic National Park- Appropriations authorized for per- formance of designated functions and activities ------ .- - - - -- - - _ 885 Protection of adjacent land, appro- priation for---.-- --- -- -_-- --- . 376 Pasco, reimbursement of certain Navy personnel and former Navy person- nel for personal property losses at- 87 Rivers, etc., preliminary examinations and surveys authorized----------- 641 Seattle, construction of extension to marine hospital -- -------------- 257 Yakima project, appropriation for---- 111, 365, 366 Washington, Booker T., coinage of 50-cent pieces to commemorate life of, etc., authorized------------------------ 863 Washington, D. C . See District of Colum- bia. Washington, George, Definitive Writings of, furnishing of sets to Members of Congress---------------------- --- 407 Washington, George, Memorial Parkway: Appropriation for------------------- 377 Construction restrictions, certain, re- moval of; extension ----------- 960, 961 Washington City Post Office, reimburse- ment for heat furnished by Capitol Power Plant---------------------- 401 W a s h in g ton County, Nebr. - Harrison County, Iowa, bridge authorized across Missouri River, amendment of Act respecting-------------------- 661 Washington National Airport, appropria- tion for ------ ----------- 108, 190, 468 Washington Railway and Electric Com- pany, D. C., liquidation, removal of designated inhibitions and restric- tions ------------------------ 260, 261 Watauga Dam, appropriation for construc- tion ---------------------------- 586 Water Conservation and Utilization Proj- ects: Appropriation for --------------- 287, 367 Reservoirs. See Flood-control projects under Rivers and Harbors. Watersheds, Soil Erosion Prevention, Etc., Projects, appropriation for----- 286 Waterways. See Rivers and Harbors. Waynesboro, Va., flood-protection project authorized----------------------- 644 Ways and Means, House Committee on, Page functions, etc -------------------- 829 Weather Bureau. See under Commerce, Department of. Weekly, Etc., Newspapers, enjoying mail- ing privileges, sworn statements re- specting circulation, requirement of__ 416 Weeks Act, appropriation for acquisition of forest lands under-------------- 285 Weights and Measures, International Bureau of, appropriation for contribu- tion ------------------------- __ 453 West Central Heating Plant, Washington, D. C ., increase in cost limitation; ap- propriation for ---------------- 257, 611 West Elizabeth-Elizabeth, Pa., bridge authorized across Monongahela River between----------------_ _-- -- --- 309 West Fork of White River, Ind., examina- tion and survey authorized -------- 640 West Fork Reservoir, Mill Creek, Ohio, flood-protection project authorized__ 649 West Gap, Saint George Island, Fla., examination and survey authorized_ 640 West Memphis, Ark., examination and survey of Mississippi River author- ized----------------------------- 640 West Palm Beach Canal, Fla., examination and survey authorized ------- _- __ 640 West Point, N. Y.: Bullion depository, appropriation for-_ 577 Military Academy. See separatetitle. West Shore Railroad Company, New York Central Railroad Company, lessee, right-of-way at West Point, N. Y. -- 900 West Virginia: Flood-protection projects, adoption and authorization ------------------ 644 Rivers, etc., preliminary examinations and surveys authorized----------- 652 Star City, bridge authorized across Mo- nongahela River at or near------ 34 Sutton Reservoir, appropriation for flood control-------------------- 163 Williamson, bridge authorized across Tug Fork of Big Sandy River ----- 883 Western Hemisphere. See American Re- publics. Western Shoshone Indian Reservation, Nev., appropriation for irrigation projects ------------------------- 357 Westfield River, Mass., modification of Knightville Reservoir, examination and survey authorized------------- 651 Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, appropriation available for payment for emergency work under contract--------------- __


602 Whaling Treaty Act, appropriation for enforcement _ -------------__ INDEX CXCI b - -- --- --- --- --- --- --- -- _