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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 243-APR. 30, 1946 [60 STAT. Compensa Ante, p. 1I Ante, p. 1i Replacem before paym Repair, FWVA or Engineers Armiy. Cooperation of FTS. Survey. PUBLIC HEALTH SEC. 305. (a) The Public Health Service of the Federal Security Agency is authorized to cooperate with the Government of the Philippines (Republic of the Philippines), and with other appro- priate agencies or organizations, in the rehabilitation and develop- ment of public health services and facilities throughout the Philippines. (b) To accomplish such purposes the Public Health Service shall at the earliest practicable time survey the health situation in the Philippines, and is authorized to replace, expand, or install such health services and facilities in the Philippines as are deemed essen- tial to preservation of health, and may assist in the rehabilitation and development of a Philippine quarantine service for prevention of introduction of disease from abroad or from one island to another. 136 Department subject to the provisions of section 311 (c), in the con- struction, improvement, and maintenance of port facilities and other works of improvements on rivers and harbors. PUBLIC PROPERTY ition. SEC. 304. The Philippine War Damage Commission, within the limits of the appropriations allocated to it for carrying out the pro- visions of this section, is authorized to compensate the Common- wealth of the Philippines (or the Republic of the Philippines), the provincial governments, chartered cities, municipalities, and corpo- rations wholly owned by the Commonwealth of the Philippines (or the Republic of the Philippines), in the Philippines, for physical loss of or damage to public property in the Philippines occurring after December 7, 1941 (Philippine time), and before October 1, 1945, 29. as a result of the perils listed in section 102 (a) hereof, in any case in which compensation for such losses or the rebuilding, repair, or replacement of the lost or damaged property is not provided for by 34. the transfer of surplus property under section 201 hereof, or provided for under the provisions of this title other than this section or other- wise provided for by the United States Government or any depart- ent, etc., ment or agency thereof. To the fullest extent practicable, the Com- ent mission shall require that any lost or damaged property for which it decides to award compensation under this section shall be rebuilt, replaced, or repaired before payments of money are actually made etc., by to claimants under this section. The Commission in its discretion Co sof ofr Us. may request the Federal Works Agency or the Corps of Engineers of the United States Army to undertake, after consultation with the Philippine Government, the rebuilding, repair, or replacement of property for which the Commission awards compensation under this section, and, from the funds available for carrying out the provisions of this section, may transfer to such Agency or Corps of Engineers the funds necessary to pay for the work requested. The Federal Works Agency and the Corps of Engineers are authorized to rebuild, repair, or replace property in accordance with any such request of the Commission and to expend the funds so transferred to them for such ad prior- purpose. The Commission shall have full power to select, and fix the priority of, cases in which compensation will be awarded or property rebuilt, repaired, or replaced under this section, and to determine the amount of such compensation and the extent to which such property will be rebuilt, repaired, or replaced, taking into account the relative importance of various projects to the reconstruc- tion and rehabilitation of the economy of the Philippines and such other factors as the Commission deems relevant. Selection ity of cases.