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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 268 -MAY 22, 1946 209 (c) The executive agencies of the Government shall exercise their Aid from executive emergency powers and other powers for the purpose of aiding in agenc the solution of the problems created by the existing housing emergency, the alleviation of which is vital to an orderly transition from war to peace. (d) (1) All functions, powers, authority, or duties vested in the iTransetcr vstefdun Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion or the Director thereof OWMR. by the War Mobilization and Reconversion Act of 1944 which are 58 Stat. 785. 5 U. S. C., Supp. or may be necessary or suitable to enable the Housing Expediter to v. app. § 1651-1678. carry out the provisions of this Act and such plans and programs as Antp.0 such Housing Expediter may develop for the alleviation of the hous- ing emergency, are hereby transferred to the Housing Expediter. The powers so transferred shall include the power to issue orders, regulations, or directives to other executive agencies with respect to the exercise by such agencies of their respective powers and authority. (2) The powers so transferred shall continue during the period Durationof powers. in which this Act is in effect, notwithstanding any other provision terminating such powers contained in the said War Mobilization and Reconversion Act of 1944. SEC. 3 . (a) Whenever in the judgment of the Expediter the sales Maximum sales prices of housing accommodations the construction of which is com- pleted after the effective date of this Act have risen or threaten to rise to an extent or in a manner inconsistent with the purposes of this Act, he may by regulation or order establish maximum sales prices for such housing accommodations in accordance with the provisions of this Act. Any such regulation or order may be limited in its scope Limitation. to such geographical area or areas and to such types or classifications of such housing accommodations as in the judgment of the Expediter may be necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Act. Before reC'enstaios ith issuing any regulation or order under this section, the Expediter fectedindustries shall, so far as practicable, advise and consult with representative members of industries affected by such regulation or order, and he shall give consideration to their recommendations and to any recom- mendations which may be made by State and local officials concerned with housing conditions in any area affected by such regulation or order. (b) Any regulation or order issued under the authority of this coSleIof hoLsig section with respect to housing accommodations the construction of which is completed after the effective date of this Act shall provide that no sale of any such housing accommodations shall take place until after the builder thereof has filed with the appropriate agency desig- nated by the Expediter a description of such accommodations, includ- ing a statement of the proposed maximum sales price, and has received from such agency a certification that such price is reasonably related to the value of the accommodations to be sold, taking into considera- tion (1) reasonable construction costs not in excess of the legal maxi- mum prices of the materials and services required for the construc- tion, (2) the fair market value of the land (immediately prior to construction) and improvements sold with the housing accommoda- tions, and (3) a margin of profit reflecting the generally prevailing profit margin upon comparable units during the calendar year 1941. Any prospective seller of such housing accommodations may apply for such certification at any time, including before the commencement of construction, during its progress, or after its completion. In any case where a certification of approval of a proposed maximum sales price has been issued prior to the completion of construction, the pro- spective seller may, at any time before the first sale, apply for such revision of the maximum sales price previously certified as may be justified by a showing of special circumstances arising during the 80634°-47-PT . I -- -14 60 STAT.]