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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 445-JUNE 22, 1946 white pine blister rust on or endangering lands under its jurisdiction; and $2,754,111 of said amount to the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine for leadership and general coordination of the entire program, method development, and for operations conducted under its direction for such control, including, but not confined to, the control of white pine blister rust on or endangering State and privately owned lands. FOREST SERVICE SALARIES AND EXPENSES For the employment of persons and means in the District of Colum- bia and elsewhere, including not to exceed $1,003,710 for departmental personal services in the District of Columbia, and not to exceed $10,000 for employment pursuant to the second sentence of section 706 (a) of the Organic Act of 1944 (5 U. S. C . 574), the maintenance, repair, and operation of one passenger automobile in the District of Columbia, and to enable the Secretary to experiment and to make and continue investigations and report on forestry, national forests, forest fires, and lumbering, but no part of this appropriation shall be used for any experiment or test made outside the jurisdiction of the United States; to advise the owners of woodlands as to the proper care of the same; to investigate and test American timber and timber trees and their uses, and methods for the preservative treatment of timber; to seek, through investigations and the planting of native and foreign species, suitable trees for the treeless regions; to erect necessary build- ings: Provided, That the cost of any building purchased, erected, or as improved, exclusive of the cost of constructing a water-supply or sanitary system and of connecting the same with any such building, and exclusive of the cost of any tower upon which a lookout house may be erected, shall not exceed $10,000, with the exception that any building erected, purchased, or acquired, the cost of which was $10,000 or more, may be improved out of the appropriations made under this Act for the Forest Service by an amount not to exceed 2 per centum of the cost of such building as certified by the Secretary; to protect, administer, and improve the national forests, including tree planting and other measures to prevent erosion, drift, surface wash, soil waste, and the formation of floods, and to conserve water; to ascertain the natural conditions upon and utilize the national forests, to transport and care for fish and game supplied to stock the national forests or the waters therein; to collate, digest, report, and illustrate the results of experiments and investigations made by the Forest Service; to purchase lawbooks, reference and technical books, and technical journals for officers of the Forest Service stationed outside of Wash- ington: Provided, That not to exceed $50,000 of the appropriation for "National forest protection and management", and not to exceed $50,000 of the appropriation for "Forest fire cooperation" may be transferred to the appropriation "Printing and binding, Department of Agriculture", for forest fire prevention posters and related printed material, as follows: General administrative expenses: For necessary expenses for gen- eral administrative purposes, including the salary of the Chief Forester at $10,000 per annum, for the necessary expenses of the National Forest Reservation Commission as authorized by section 14 of the Act of March 1, 1911 (16 U. S . C . 514), and for other personal services in the District of Columbia, $610,000. National forest protection and management: For the administra- tion, protection, use, maintenance, improvement, and development of the national forests, including the establishment and maintenance of 283 58 Stat. 742. 5U.S.0., Supp.V, 1574. Experiments and investigations. Cost of buildings. Protection, etc., of national forests. Care of fish and game. Transfer of funds. 3 Stat. g63.