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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 529-JULY 1, 1946 Salaries and expenses, district offices: For necessary expenses of district offices for the administration and supervision of Indian Service activities, including printing and binding, $950,000. Salaries and expenses, reservation administration: For necessary expenses of reservation administration, including the maintenance of law and order among Indians, and pay of employees authorized by continuing or permanent treaty provisions, $3,137,300. Alaska native service: For expenses necessary to provide for the support, rehabilitation, education, conservation of health, develop- ment of resources, and relief of destitution of the natives of Alaska; the repair, rental, and equipment of school, hospital, and other build- ings; the purchase or erection of range cabins; the hire, repair, equip- ment, maintenance, and operation of vessels; and for the adminis- tration of the Alaska native service; $3,429,008, to be immediately available, and to remain available until June 30, 1948. Purchase and transportation of Indian supplies: For advertising, inspection, storage, and all other expenses incident to the purchase of goods and supplies for the Indian Service and for payment of rail- road, pipe-line, and other transportation costs of such goods and supplies, $760,000: Provided,That no part of this appropriation shall be used in payment for any services except bill therefor is rendered within one year from the time the service is performed. Maintenance of buildings: For all expenses necessary to maintain buildings in the Indian Service, including the lease, purchase, con- struction (not to exceed $1,500 for any one building), repair and improvement of buildings; the installation, repair, and improvement of heating, lighting, power, sewerage, and water systems, $815,000. Education of Indians: For the support and education of Indian pupils in boarding and day schools and for other educational pur- poses, including educational facilities authorized by treaty provisions; tuition, care, and other expenses of Indian pupils attending public and private schools; support and education of deaf, dumb, blind, mentally deficient, or physically handicapped; the tuition (which may be paid in advance) and other assistance of Indian pupils attend- ing vocational or higher educational institutions under such regula- tions as the Secretary may prescribe; printing and binding (including illustrations); the support of an arts and crafts building at Anadarko Oklahoma, and Indian museums at Rapid City, South Dakota, and Browning, Montana, and on the Fort Apache Reservation, Arizona; $10,000,000, and in addition thereto the unexpended balance of $25,000 for cooperation with the State of Oklahoma for the construction and equipment of an Indian arts and crafts building at Anadarko, Okla- 59 Stat. 331. homa, contained in the Interior Department Appropriation Act, 1946, is continued available for the same purpose during the fiscal year Contracts 1947: Provided, That formal contract shall not be required for pay- ment (which may be made from the date of admission) of tuition and care of Indian pupils. Conservation of health: For expenses necessary for the conservation of health among Indians, transportation of patients and attendants to and from hospitals and sanitoria; returning to their former homes and interring the remains of deceased patients; clinical surveys and general medical research in connection with tuberculosis, trachoma, and venereal and other disease conditions among Indians, including cooperation with State and other organizations engaged in similar work and payment of travel expenses and per diem of physicians, nurses, and other persons whose services are donated by such organi- zations, and printing and binding; $6.130,570. Welfare of Indians: For welfare services, including general sup- port, relief of needy Indians, boarding home care of Indian children, 354 [60 STAT.