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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 544-JULY 9, 1946 elimination and other construction projects authorized under section 23 taS. C. 24 8 of the Act of June 16, 1936 (49 Stat. 1521), and section 1 (b) of the 23U.S .C . s41b. Federal Aid Highway Act of 1938, pending reimbursement to the District of Columbia by the Public Roads Administration, Federal Works Agency, reimbursement to be credited to fund from which pay- Widths of sidewalks ment was made: Provided further, That the Commissioners are and roadways. authorized to fix or alter the respective widths of sidewalks and road- ways (including tree spaces and parking) of all highways that mav be improved under appropriations contained in this Act: Provided or stret-improve- further, That no appropriation in this Act shall be available for ment contracts. repairing, resurfacing, or paving any street, avenue, or roadway by private contract unless the specifications for such work shall be so pre- pared as to permit of fair and open competition in paving materials as Liability for repairs. well as in price: Provided further, That in addition to the provision of existing law requiring contractors to keep new pavements in repair for a period of one year from the date of the completion of the work, the Commissioners shall further require that where repairs are neces- sary during the four years following the said one-year period, due to inferior work or defective materials, such repairs shall be made at the expense of the contractor, and the bond furnished by the contractor shall be liable for such expense. Department of Vehicles and Traffic (payable from highway fund): For all expenses necessary for the Department of Vehicles and Traffic, including personal services; purchase, installation, modification, oper- ation, and maintenance of electric traffic lights, signals, controls, markers, and directional signs; printing and binding; purchase of Parkingmeters. motor-vehicle identification number plates; installation, operation, and maintenance of parking meters on the streets of the District of Trafficsafety edua- Columbia; $20,000 for traffic safety education without reference to any other law; and for all expenses necessary in carrying out the provisions of the District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Parking v. C . Codte, spp. Facility Act of 1942, approved February 16, 1942 (56 Stat. 90), including personal services (except a director) and printing and patretcar loading binding; $586,152: Provided, That no part of this or any other appropriation contained in this Act shall be expended for building, installing, and maintaining streetcar loading platforms and lights of any description employed to distinguish same, except that a per- manent type of platform may be constructed from appropriations contained in this Act for street improvements when plans and loca- tions thereof are approved by the Public Utilities Commission and the Director of Vehicles and Traffic: Provided further, That the street-railway company shall after construction maintain, mark, and Fees from parking light the same at its expense: Provided further, That fees from parking meters shall be deposited to the credit of the highway Parking spaces for fund: Providedfurther, That the Commissioners are authorized and emrs of Congress. directed to designate, reserve, and properly mark appropriate and sufficient parking spaces on the streets adjacent to all public buildings in the District for the use of Members of Congress engaged on public Retrar of Titles business: Providedfurther, That the incumbent on July 1, 1944, of the authorized position of Registrar of Titles and Tags, whose duties shall be as prescribed in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 58 Stat. 527. 1945, shall hereafter be continued for compensation purposes in grade D. C. Code, Supp. v, I 40-o3a. 9 of the clerical, administrative, and fiscal service under the Classifica- 42 stat. 1488 . 5UtS. C . 661 tion Act of 1923, as amended. Supp. V, 661 t scq. Division of Trees and Parking (payable from highway fund): Ante, pp. 210, 219. For all necessary expenses for the Division of Trees and Parking, including personal services; books of reference and periodicals; and printing and binding, $162,900. Reimbursement of other appropriations (payable from highway fund): There are hereby authorized to be paid from the highway 518 [60 STAT.