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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 736-AUG. 2 , 1946 Condemnation pro- ceedings. 40 U. S. 0. §§361- 386. Acquisition, etc., of property. Boundaries Redeveopment pn. Location and extent o public works, etc. thereon (other than the improvements mentioned in section 7 (i) or the power to enlarge, extend, or make major structural improve- ments of existing buildings). (b) Condemnation proceedings for the acquisition of real property for said purposes shall be conducted in accordance with the procedural provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the acquisition of land in the District of Columbia for the use of the United States", approved March 1, 1929 (45 Stat. 1415), or Acts which may amend or supplement said Act. The title to properties acquired under this present Act shall be taken by and in the name of the Agency and proceedings for condemnation or other acquisition of property shall be brought by and in the name of the Agency. GENERAL AND PROJEMO AREA REDEVELOPMENT PLANS SEC. 6 . (a) The Planning Commission is hereby directed to make and, from time to time, develop a comprehensive or general plan of the District of Columbia, including the appropriate maps, charts, tables, and descriptive, interpretative, and analytical matter, which plan is intended to serve as a general framework or guide of develop- ment within which the various project areas may be more precisely planned and calculated, and which comprehensive or general plan shall include at least a land-use plan which designates the proposed general distribution and general locations and extents of the uses of the land for housing, business, industry, recreation, education, public buildings, public reservations, and other general categories of public and private uses of the land. (b) For the exercise of the powers granted to the Agency by this Act for the acquisition and disposition of real property for the rede- velopment of a project area, the following steps and plans shall be requisite, namely: (1) Adoption by the Planning Commission of the boundaries of the project area proposed by it, submission of such boundaries to the District Commissioners, and approval thereof by said Commissioners. (2) Adoption by the Planning Commission and submission to, and, after a public hearing thereon, approval by the District Commissioners, of the redevelopment plan of the project area which shall contain a site and use plan for the redevelopment of the area, including the approximate locations and extents of the land uses proposed for and within the area, such as public buildings, streets, and other public works and utilities, housing, recreation, business, industry, schools, public and private open spaces and other categories of public and private uses. Such plan shall also contain specifications of standards of population density and building intensity. Any such plan may also specify, by means of specification of maximum rentals or other basis, the amount or character or class of any low-rent housing for which the area or part thereof is proposed to be redeveloped. (c) In relation to the location and extent of public works and utilities, public buildings, and other public uses in the general plan or in a project area plan, the Planning Commission is directed to confer with the Federal and District public officials, boards, authori- ties, and agencies under whose administrative jurisdictions such uses respectively fall. In the project area planning, the Planning Com- mission is directed to consult from time to time with the Agency, and the Agency shall be free at all times to submit to the Planning Commssion suggestions regarding both the location and extent of project areas and the use and site plans of project areas. 794 [60 STAT.