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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 753-AUG. 2 , 1946 "14. Committee on Public Lands, to consist of twenty-five Members. "15. Committee on Public Works, to consist of twenty-seven Mem- bers. "16. Committee on Rules, to consist of twelve Members. "17. Committee on Un-American Activities, to consist of nine Members. "18. Committee on Veterans' Affairs, to consist of twenty-seven Members. "19. Committee on Ways and Means, to consist of twenty-five Members. "(b) (1) The Speaker shall appoint all select and conference com- mittees which shall be ordered by the House from time to time. "(2) At the commencement of each Congress, the House shall elect as chairman of each standing committee one of the Members thereof; in the temporary absence of the chairman, the Member next in rank in the order named in the election of the committee, and so on, as often as the case shall happen, shall act as chairman; and in case of a permanent vacancy in the chairmanship of any such committee the House shall elect another chairman. "(3) All vacancies in standing committees in the House shall be filled by election by the House. Each Member shall be elected to serve on one standing committee and no more; except that Members who are elected to serve on the Committee on the District of Columbia or on the Committee on Un-American Activities may be elected to serve on two standing committees and no more, and Members of the majority party who are elected to serve on the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments or on the Committee on House Administra- tion may be elected to serve on two standing committees and no more." (b) Rule XI of the Rules of the House of Representatives is amended to read as follows: "RULE XI "POWERS AND DUTIES OF COMMITTEES "(1) All proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the subjects listed under the standing com- mittees named below shall be referred to such committees, respectively: Provided, That unless otherwise provided herein, any matter within the jurisdiction of a stanIding committee prior to January 2, 1947, sh:ll remain subject to the jurisdiction of that committee or of the consolidated committee succeeding generally to the jurisdiction of that committee. "(a) Committee on Agriculture. "1. Agriculture generally. "2. Inspection of livestock and meat products. "3. Animal industry and diseases of animals. "4. Adulteration of seeds, insect pests, and protection of birds and animals in forest reserves. "5. Agricultural colleges and experiment stations. "6. Forestry in general, and forest reserves other than those created from the public domain. "7. Agricultural economics and research. "8. Agricultural and industrial chemistry. "9. Dairy industry. "10. Entomology and plant quarantine. "11. Human nutrition and home economics. "12. Plant industry soils, and agricultural engineering. "13. Agricultural educational extension services. Select and confer- ence committees. Election of chair- men. Vacancies. Election of Mem- bers to committees. 60 STAT.] 823