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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS. -CHS. 864, 865-AUG. 7, 8, 1946 agreement or order, and to the extent that the department or agency finds such amount was thereby reduced, claims for such losses shall not be allowed under this Act. (b) Every claimant under this Act shall furnish to the department Fudnishing of elvi or agency concerned any evidence within the possession of such claim- ant bearing upon the matters referred to in subsection (a) of this section. SEC. 3. Claims for losses shall not be considered unless filed with Filing of claims. the department or agency concerned within six months after the date of approval of this Act, and shall be limited to losses with respect to which a written request for relief was filed with such department or agency on or before August 14, 1945, but a previous settlement under 50Us 38. C, supp. the First War Powers Act, 1941, or the Contract Settlement Act of V,app. 601- .6 1944 shall not operate to preclude further relief otherwise allowable 925. p. under this Act. 41 U. 8.C., Supp. SEC. 4 . Appropriations or funds available for work, supplies, or v l25payen services of the character involved in the respective claims at the time of settlements. of settlement thereof shall be available for payment of the settlements: Provided,That where no such appropriations are available, appropria- Appropriatons au tions for payment of such settlements are hereby authorized. oried. SEC. 5 . Each department and agency shall report to the Congress Reports to Con. quarterly the name of each claimant to whom relief has been granted g a ' under this Act, together with the amount of such relief and a brief state- ment of the facts and the administrative decision. SEC. 6 . Whenever any claimant under this Act is dissatisfied with Petitin for cort the action of a department or agency of the Government in either granting or denying his claima such claimant shall have the right within six months to file a petition with any Federal district court of competent jurisdiction, asking a determination by the court of the equities involved in such claim; and upon the filing of such a petition, the court, sitting as a court of equity, shall have jurisdiction to deter- mine the amount, if any, to which such claimant and petitioner may be equitably entitled (not exceeding the amount which might have been allowed by the department or agency concerned under the terms of this Act) and to enter an order directing such department or agency to settle the claim in accordance with the finding of the court; and there- Appeal. after either party may appeal from the decision of the court as in other equity cases. Approved August 7, 1946. [CHAPTER 865] AN ACT To provide for health programs for Government employees. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congressassembled That, for the purpose of promoting and maintaining the physical and mental fitness of em- ployees of the Federal Government, the heads of departments and agencies, including Government-owned and controlled corporations are authorized, within the limits of appropriations made available therefor, to establish by contract or otherwise, health service programs which will provide health services for employees under their respective jurisdictions: Provided, That such health service programs shall be established only after consultation with the Public Health Service and consideration of its recommendations, and only in localities where there are a sufficient number of Federal employees to warrant the pro- vision of such services, and shall be limited to (1) treatments of on- the-job illness and dental conditions requiring emergency attention; (2) preemployment and other examinations; (3) referral of employees August 8, 1946 [H. R. 2716 [Public Law OS] Federal employees. Health service pro- grams. Consultation with PHS. Limitations. 903