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INDEX District of Columbia-Continued Page Metropolitan Police-Continued Detail of members for duty on Capi- tol Grounds ----------------- 368 Inspectors, allowance for use of pri- vately owned automobiles, pay- ment authorized; limitation -- 179 Policemen and firemen's relief fund, credit for service in armed forces in determination of eligibility for and amount of benefits -------- 398 Seniority benefits for certain veterans- 240 Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety Board, appropriation for-- -- 30, 63, 427 Motor-fuel tax, increase in ----------- 359 Motor vehicle inspection act, amend- ment ------------------------- 360 Municipal Architect, Office of- Appropriation for; apportionments of appropriations -------------- 30, 439 Credit of funds to---- -- 429, 430, 431, 432 Public schools, transfer of funds for preparation of plans and specifi- cations------------- 429, 430, 431,432 Municipal buildings, use of appropria- tion for school buildings, etc., for repairs to----------------------- 428 Municipal Lodging House, appropria- tion for------------------------ 438 National Capital Park and Planning Commission. See separate title. National Capital Parks, appropriation for---------------- 31,64, 116,446,484 National Capital Sesqui-Centennial Commission, establishment, com- position, etc-------------------- 396 National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, appropria- tion for support ---- .-- --- ---- - 426 National Guard- Appropriation for---------------- 446 D. C . employees, acceptance of em- ployment, pay and allowances, etc.; restoration to positions on relief from duty--------------- 239 Referee in bankruptcy, eligibility of members for appointment as; ex- ception of certain disbursing offi- cers-------------------------- 213 National Safety Council, Inc., appro- priation for affiliation with------- 439 National Training School for Boys, ap- propriation for------------------ 439 National Training School for Girls- Appropriation for---------------- 438 Superintendent, salary rate--------- 439 White girls, restriction on use of funds for----------------------- 43 Naval Reserve members, D. C . employ- ees, restoration to positions on relief from duty---------------------- 23. District of Columbia-Continued Page Nurseries and nursery schools- Appropriation for; limitation on use- 439 Establishment, etc., time extension of authority-------------- -- 188 Reduction in appropriation author- ization--------------------- 189 Overthrow of U. S . Government, restric- tion on employment of persons advocating--------------------- 447 Pages, Congressional, etc., education, appropriation for reimbursement for------------------------- 15,369 Park Police- Appropriation for----------------- 446 Policemen and firemen's relief fund, credit for service in armed forces in determination of eligibility for and amount of benefits--------- 398 Washington National Airport, patrol by Park Police at request of Ad- ministrator of Civil Aeronautics- 94 Parking meter fees, deposit of --------- 443 Parking spaces for Members of Congress- 443 Parks, Federal, appropriation for---- 116, 484 Parole, Board of, authority; composi- tion; transfer of powers, etc., from Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole------------- ------ 378 "Penny milk" program for school chil- dren, appropriation for --------- - 438 Personal services, funds for----------- 448 Policemen's and firemen's relief- Appropriation for __ -- - - -- - - 63, 244, 434 Armed forces, credit for service in de- termination of eligibility for and amount of benefits .-- -- -- -- -- -. 398 Potomac River Basin, Interstate Com- mission on, appropriation for con- tribution ----------------------- 444 Poundmaster's office, appropriation for- 30, 63, 427 Printing and binding, funds for ------- 448 Printing and Publications, Division of, printing and binding by --------- 448 Property, personal, real and tangible, increase in rate of taxation ------- 359 Public Library, appropriation for ------ 30, 63, 244, 433 Public schools- Administration, general, appropria- tion for -------------------- 30,428 Auxiliary educational services, appro- priation for----------------- 428 Buildings, etc. - Appropriation for maintenance, etc- 30, 63, 244, 428 Construction, contract authoriza- tions, designated, increase- 430, 431, 432 Sites, purchase of, appropriation for- 432 Capital outlay, appropriation for.- - - 428 XLIII