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INDEX Federal Works Agency-Continued Page Public Buildings Administration-Con. Repairs, etc., limitation on amount for -------------------.- -- - 593 Return of departmental functions to seat of government, appropria- tion for ---.----------------- 594 Safeguarding of public buildings and property, emergency, reduction in appropriation--------------- 19 Special policemen, designation of employees as, repeal of provision in Second Supplemental Nation- al Defense Appropriation Act, 1943; effective date------------ 451 Surveys, models, etc., allocation of cost------------------------- 593 Veterans' Administration, acquisition of administrative facilities, super- vision of--------------------- 605 Veterans' decentralization allowances, reduction in appropriation------ 19 Working capital fund, reduction in appropriation ----------------- 19 Working fund, reduction in appro- priation----- _--------------- 19 Public Roads Administration- Access roads, reduction in appropria- tion------------------------- 19 Administrative expenses, general, ap- propriation for------ --------- 595 Convict labor, restriction on employ- ment by States---------------- 596 Damage claims, appropriation for payment-------------------- 61,616 District of Columbia, approval of con- tracts for Federal-aid projects- - 442 Equipment, charge for deprecia- tion---------------------- 596 Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1944, apportionments to States under, extension of period of availa- bility----------------------- 136 Federal-aid highway system, appro- priation for----------------- 595 Federal-aid postwar highways, ap- propriation for--------------- 597 Federal-aid secondary or feeder roads, appropriation for-------------- 596 Flood relief, restoration of roads and bridges, reduction in appropria- tion------------------------- 19 Hawaii, war and emergency damage, contract authority ------------ 597 Inter-American Highway, appropria- tion for ---------- ----------- 596 Medical supplies, etc., in emergencies_ 596 Pan-American Highway, Convention on the, appropriation for fulfilling U. S . obligations ------------ 596 Federal Works Agency-Continued Public Roads Administration-Con. Public-lands highways, appropriation for -_---_ _-

___------ Strategic highway network, reduction in appropriation-- ___-- -- --- Warehouse maintenance, etc-------- Public Works Administration- Liquidation- Funds continued available-------- Transfer of funds from appropria- LV Page 597 19 596 592 tion for-------------------- 115 Securities acquired, etc., by, purchase by Reconstruction Finance Cor- poration, repeal of provisions of Emergency Appropriation Act of 1935 ------------------------ 208 Public works advance planning, appro- priation for---------------- __ _ -- 597 Red Cross, American National, perma- nent building for D. C . Chapter, authority; transfer of property, etc- 241 Reduction in designated appropriations- 19 Schools and school facilities. See under Community Facilities, Bureau of, this title. Surplus property, transfer for alleviation of damage, etc., by flood or other catastrophe -------------------- 422 Transfer of funds from appropriation for Freedmen's Hospital, increase in amount for------------------- 60 Virgin Islands, public works, appropria- tion for------------------------ 597 Feldspar, income-tax percentage deple- tion ------------------------- 919, 920 Felonies. See Crimes and Misdemeanors. Fermented Malt Liquors, Tax on, war tax rates of certain miscellaneous taxes, continuance ---------------------- 12 Fertilizer and Fertilizer Materials: Improvement, appropriation for investi- gations------------------------ 533 Transfer of funds to appropriations for----- ------------------- 73 Nitrogenous- Allocations, extension of time limita- tion on provisions ------------ 322 Foreign-aid program, limitation on acquisition for---------------- 942 Field Crops and Diseases, funds for inves- tigations, etc-------------------- 73,533 Filled Milk Act, appropriation for enforce- ment---------------------------- 265 Fine Arts, Commission of: Andrew W. Mellon, memorial to, approval of design and location_-- 328 Appropriation for----------------- 115, 462 Court building, D. C., approval of site, renuirement _------------------- 121 --- 1---------------