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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 186 -JULY 1, 1947 48 Stat. 1231 . 31U.S.C . 725q. 18 Stat. 110 . 48 Stat. 1230. 31 U. S. C. §725p. 40 Stat. 288. 31 T.S. C . §774 (2). from Railroad Retirement Board, "Conservation and use of agricul- tural land resources, Department of Agriculture," and from available corporate funds of Government-owned or -controlled corporations, such sums as may be necessary to cover the expense incurred in per- forming the function of disbursement therefor. Printing and binding: For printing and binding, Division of Dis- bursement, including the cost of transportation to field offices of printed and bound material and the cost of necessary packing boxes and packing materials, $170,000. Contingent expenses, public moneys: For contingent expenses under the requirements of section 3653 of the Revised Statutes (31 U. S. C. 545), for the collection, safekeeping, transfer, and disburse- ment of the public money, transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, transportation of gold coin and gold certificates transferred to Federal Reserve banks and branches, United States mints and assay offices, and the Treasury, after March 9, 1933, actual expenses of examiners detailed to examine the books, accounts, and money on hand at the several depositories, including national banks acting as depositories under the requirements of section 3649, Revised Statutes (31 U. S . C . 548), also including examinations of cash accounts at mints, $400,000. Recoinage of silver coins: For expenses necessary to continue the recoinage of worn and uncurrent subsidiary silver coins of the United States now in the Treasury or hereafter received, and to reimburse the Treasurer of the United States for the difference between the nominal or face value of such coins and the amount the same will produce in new coins, $200,000. Relief of the indigent, Alaska: For the payment to the United States district judges in Alaska (not to exceed 10 per centum of the receipts from licenses collected outside of incorporated towns in Alaska), to be expended for the relief of persons in Alaska who are indigent and incapacitated through nonage, old age, sickness, or acci- dent, $14,000. Refund of moneys erroneously received and covered: For meeting any expenditures of the character formerly chargeable to the appro- priation accounts abolished under section 18 of the Permanent Appro- priation Repeal Act of 1934, approved June 26, 1934, and any other collections erroneously received and covered which are not properly chargeable to any other appropriation, $700.000 . Payment of certified claims: For the payment of claims (not to exceed $500 in any case) which may be certified during the fiscal year 1948 by the Comptroller General of the United States to be lawfully due, within the limits of, and chargeable against the balances of the respective appropriations heretofore made which, after remaining unexpended, have been carried to the surplus fund pursuant to section 5 of the Act of June 20, 1874 (31 U. S.C. 713), $700,000. Payment of unclaimed moneys: For meeting any expenditures of the character formerly chargeable to the appropriation accounts abolished under section 17 of the Permanent Appropriation Repeal Act of 1934, approved June 26, 1934, payable from the funds held by the United States in the trust fund receipt account "Unclaimed moneys of indi- viduals whose whereabouts are unknown". $100.000. BUREAU OF THE PUBLIC DEBT Administering the public debt: For necessary expenses connected with any public-debt operations authorized bv the Second Liberty Bond Act. as amended (31 U. S. C . 760-762), and with the administration of any public debt or currency issues of the United States with which the Secretary of the Treasury is charged, $64,800.000, to be expended [61 STAT.