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298 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 211-JULY 9, 1947 [61 STAT. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY Salaries and expenses, departmental: For expenses necessary for the Survey in the District of Columbia, including the compilation of field surveys and other data; the production, purchase, or printing of maps and nautical and aeronautical charts; maintenance of and equipment for an instrument shop and procurement or exchange of woodworking supplies and equipment; motion-picture equipment; chart paper, drafting, photographic, photolithographic, and printing supplies and equipment; instruments (except surveying instruments); stationery for field stations and parties; $3,300,000, of which not to exceed $3,000,000 shall be available for personal services. Fieldu. Salaries and expenses, field: For expenses necessary to man, equip, repair, and supply vessels and other field units of the Survey engaged in surveys and other operations required for the production of maps, CoastPo nautical charts, Coast Pilots, tide and current tables, and related publications of all coasts and islands under the jurisdiction of the United States; research in physical hydrography; geodetic surveying operations to provide control for national mapping and for other purposes, magnetic and seismological observations, and the establish- ment of meridian lines, in the United States and in other regions under the jurisdiction of the United States; gravity surveys in United States territory and adjacent areas; operation of two latitude observ- atories, including replacement of one observatory and auxiliary eronautic . buildings; field surveys required for the production of aeronautical charts; purchase of plans and specifications of vessels; lease of sites where necessary and the erection of temporary magnetic and seismo- logical buildings; construction of magnetic and seismological observ- atory and auxiliary buildings at Fairbanks, Alaska; operation, maintenance, and repair of an airplane for photographic surveys- packing, crating, and transporting personal household effects of commissioned officers when transferred from one official station to another, and of commissioned officers who die on active duty, and foErdutiessom'mpatio funeral expenses of commissioned officers, as authorized by law; extra or fathometer reader. compensation at not to exceed $15 per month to each member of the crew of a vessel when assigned duties as bomber or fathometer reader, and at not to exceed $1 per day for each station to employees of other Federal agencies while observing tides or currents or tending seismographs; and reimbursement, under rules prescribed by the Secretary, of officers of the Coast and Geodetic Survey for food, clothing, medicines, and other supplies furnished for the temporary relief of distressed persons in remote localities and to shipwrecked persons temporarily provided for by them (not to exceed a total of $500); $5,000,000. Pay, commissioned officers: For pay and allowances prescribed by law for not to exceed one hundred and seventy-one commissioned Death gratty. officers on the active list and of officers retired in accordance with existing law, including payment of six months' death gratuity as authorized by law, $1,250,000. The foregoing appropriations for the Coast and Geodetic Survey shall be available for the purchase (not to exceed twenty-two), mainte- nance, operation, and repair of vehicles known as station wagons and suburban carry-alls without such vehicles being considered as pas- stat. 8so. senger-carrying vehicles and (not to exceed $2,500) for temporary uU.s . c.tsa services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600).