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330 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 258 -JULY 16,1947 [61 STAT. Pod, P. 8. TrrLE XI-BASES Sec. 1 . Basis for determining gain or loss. Sec. 2 . (a) Computation of gain or loss. (b) Amount realized. Sec. 3. Exchange in reorganizations. Sec. 4 Basis for dividends paid in property. Sec. 5 . Exception to applicability of sections 1 through 3. Sec. 6 . Depreciation. Pol P. 3a2 TITLE XII-ASSESSMENT AND COLLECTION; TIME OF PAYMENT Sec. 1 . Duties of Assessor. Sec. 2 . Statements and special returns. Sec. 3 . Examination of books and witnesses. Sec. 4 . Return by Assessor. Sec. 5 . Determination and assessment of deficiency. Sec. 6 . Jeopardy assessment. (a) Authority for making; (b) Bond to stay collection. Sec. 7 . (a) Time of payment. (b) Extension of time for payments. (c) Voluntary advance payment. Sec. 8 . Withholding of tax at source. Sec. 9 . Tax a personal debt. Sec. 10 . Period of limitation upon assessment and collection. (a) General rule; (b) False return; (c) Waiver; (d) Collection after assessment. Sec. 11 . Refunds. Sec. 12 . Closing agreements. Sec. 13 . Compromises. (a) Authority to make; (b) Concealment of assets; (c) Compromise of penalties and interest. Sec. 14 . Definition of "person". Sec. 15. Payment to Collector and receipts. P ,P. s 3 TITLE XIII-PENALTIES AND INTEREST Sec. 1 . Failure to file return. Sec. 2 . Interest on deficiencies. Sec. 3 . Additions to tax in case of deficiency. (a) Negligence; (b) Fraud. Sec. 4 . Additions to tax In case of nonpayment. (a) Tax shown on return. (1) General rule. (2) If extension granted. (b) Deficiency. Sec. 5 . Time extended for payment of tax shown on return. Sec. 6 . Penalties. (a) Willful violation; (b) Definition of "person". Po' . . ' TITLE XIV-LICENSES Sec. 1 . Requirement. Sec. 2 . Duration. Sec. 3 . Licenses to be posted. Sec. 4 . Where a corporation or unincorporated business has no office or place of business in the District, agent or employee shall carry certificate or license. Sec. 5 . Revocation. Sec. 6 . Renewal. Sec. 7. Penalty for failure to obtain license. Ped, P. s . TITLE XV-APPEAL Sec. 1. Appeal to the Board of Tax Appeals for the District of ColumbiaL See. 2. Election of remedy. Pap. Pa. TITLE XVI-RULES AND REGULATIONS