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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 20-MAR. 22 , 1947 National Bureau of Standards: Working fund, Commerce, Standards, 1942-1946, $12,335.69. Working fund, Commerce, Standards, 1946, $84,345. Working fund, Commerce, Standards, $365.22. Station for broadcasting standard frequencies, National Bureau of Standards, $1,000. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Indian Affairs: Purchase of land for Navajo Indians, Arizona (reimbursable), $308.02. Construction, irrigation systems, Indian Service (reimbursable), $9,865.90. Construction, buildings and utilities, Indian Service, $131,407.71. Support of Wisconsin Band of Potawatomie, Wisconsin and Michigan (reimbursable), $500.21. Working fund, Interior, Indians, $25,538.66. Working fund, Department of the Interior, subsistence, home- stead project, $2,092.97. Bureau of Mines: Reduction of zinc concentrates with methane gas, Bureau of Mines (national defense), $4,133. Drainage tunnel, Leadville, Colorado, $29,081. Working fund, Interior, Mines (Office of Scientific Research and Development), 1946, $130,000. Working fund, Interior, Mines, Army, Engineer Service, 1942-1946, $43,905. National Park Service: Roads and trails, national parks, emergency construction, Act of June 19, 1934, $22. Working fund, Interior, National Park Service (advance from War Department), $14,000. Government in the Territories: Emergency fund, Territories and island possessions (national defense), $121,000. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Federal Prison System: Buildings and equipment, penal institutions, $865,000. United States Industrial Reformatory, Chillicothe, Ohio, con- struction, $89.71. United States Northeastern Penitentiary, Lewisburg, Pennsyl- vania, construction, $1,636.78. Public Works Administration, Act of 1938 (allotment to Justice, 52sta t . 816. prisons), $1,702.52. Federal jails, buildings, and equipment (Sandstone), $370.35. Working fund, Justice, prisons, $149,729.70. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Office of the Secretary: Veterans' housing, Office of Administrator, National Housing Agency (transfer to Labor), $3,368. Migration of workers, War Manpower functions, Department of Labor, 1944, $652,376. Migration of workers, War Manpower functions, Department of Labor, 1945, $4,884. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Working fund, Labor, Labor Statistics (advance from National Housing Agency), $237.68 . 21