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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public 53 --- D. C. juvenile court, waiver of jurisdiction. AN ACT To au- thorize the juvenile court of the District of Columbia in proper cases to waive jurisdiction in capital offenses and offenses punishable by life imprisonment------------------------ 54 --- Shenandoah National Park, appointment of commissioner. AN ACT To provide that the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia shall alone appoint the United States commissioner for the Shenandoah National Park------ 55-- Pay Readjustment Act, 1942, amendment. AN ACT To amend further the Pay Readjustment Act of 1942, as amended----- 56 --- Navy, Chief of Chaplains. AN ACT To establish a Chief of Chaplains in the United States Navy, and for other purposes - 57 --- Navy and War Departments, Under Secretaries. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act providing for the reorganiza- tion of the Navy Department, and for other purposes", ap- proved June 20, 1940, to amend the Act entitled "An Act authorizing the President to appoint an Under Secretary of War during national emergencies, fixing the compensation of the Under Secretary of War, and authorizing the Secretary of War to prescribe duties", approved December 16, 1940, as amended, and for other purposes----------------- 58 --- Members of armed forces, acceptance of decorations from certain foreign governments. AN ACT To amend the Act of July 20, 1942 (56 Stat. 662), relating to the acceptance of decorations, orders, medals, and emblems by officers and enlisted men of the armed forces of the United States tendered them by gov- ernments of cobelligerent nations or other American Re- publics ______-------------------- publics - . ----------------. ------------------ ----------- 59 -- Washington National Airport, administration. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the adminis- tration of the Washington National Airport, and for other purposes", approved June 29, 1940---------------------- 60 --- Removal of stone piers from West Executive Avenue. AN ACT

Authorizing and directing the removal of stone piers in West Executive Avenue between the grounds of the White House

and the Department of State Building -------------------- 61 ___ Regular Army, appointment of additional officers. AN ACT To amend the Act approved December 28, 1945 (59 Stat. 663), entitled "An Act to provide for the appointment of additional commissioned officers in the Regular Army, and for other purposes", as amended by the Act of August 8, 1946 (Public Law 670, Seventy-ninth Congress) ------------------- 62 --- Navy, Corps of Civil Engineers. AN ACT To amend the Act of August 29, 1916 (39 Stat. 556), as amended, so as to increase the total authorized number of commissioned officers of the active list of the Corps of Civil Engineers of the Navy ------ 63 --- Submarines. AN ACT To authorize the construction of experi- mental submarines, and for other purposes -- ... .. ... ... .. . 64 _-- Missing Persons Act, amendment. AN ACT To include civilian officers and employees of the United States Naval Govern- ment of Guam among those persons who are entitled to the benefits of Public Law 490 of the Seventy-seventh Congress, approved March 7, 1942 (56 Stat. 143), as amended, and for other purposes ------------------- ____________ 65 --- Collectors of customs. AN ACT To relieve collectors of customs of liability for failure to collect certain special tonnage duties and light money, and for other purposes------------------- 66 --- Nationality Act, 1940, amendment. AN ACT To amend section 327 (h) of the Nationality Act of 1940 ------------------- 67 --- Prison inmates, deductions from sentences, etc. AN ACT To authorize additional allowances of good time and the payment of compensation to prison inmates performing exceptionally meritorious or outstanding services--

68 --- Dan River, N. C ., dam. AN ACT Granting the consent of Con-

gress for the construction of a dam across Dan River in North Carolna -


69 --- W. C. Austin project, Okla. AN ACT To change the name of the Lugert-Altus irrigation project in the State of Oklahoma to the W. C . Austin project----- __- ___.__ ._-__ _-- ______ _- - 70 --- Marblehead, Mass., conveyance. AN ACT Providing for the con- veyance to the town of Marblehead, in the State of Massachu- setts, of Marblehead Military Reservation for public use---- Date May 15, 1947_- May 15, 1947--- May 15, 1947--- May 15, 1947-- May 15, 1947--- May 15, 1947_- - May 15, 1947-- May 15, 1947_-- May 15, 1947--. May 16, 1947___ May 16, 1947--- May 16, 1947___ May 16, 1947- _- May 16, 1947- _- May 16, 1947_- - May 16, 1947___ May 16, 1947___ May 16, 1947--_ 99 viii Page 92 92 92 93 93 93 94 95 95 96 96 96 97 97 97 98 99