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61 STAT.] 80TH GONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 519-AUG. 8 , 1947 SEC. 405. Any person who knowingly violates, or attempts to violate, or who knowingly participates or aids in the violation of, any of the provisions of section 209, or any person who brings or imports into the continental United States direct-consumption sugar after the quantities specified in section 207 have been filled, shall forfeit to the United States the sum equal to three times the market value, at the time of the commission of any such act, (a) of that quantity of sugar or liquid sugar by which any quota, proration, or allotment is exceeded or (b) of that quantity brought or imported into the continental United States after the quantities specified in section 207 have been filled, which forfeiture shall be recoverable in a civil suit brought in the name of the United States. SEC. 406. All persons engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, or transportation or industrial use of sugar or liquid sugar, and having information which the Secretary deems necessary to enable him to administer the provisions of this Act, shall, upon the request of the Secretary, furnish him with such information. Any person willfully failing or refusing to furnish such information or furnishing willfully any false information, shall upon conviction be subject to a penalty of not more than $1,000 for each such violation. SEC. 407. No person shall, while acting in any official capacity in the administration of this Act, invest or speculate in sugar or liquid sugar, contracts relating thereto, or the stock or membership interests of any association or corporation engaged in the production or manufacturing of sugar or liquid sugar. Any person violating this section shall upon conviction thereof be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. SEC. 408. Whenever pursuant to the provisions of this Act the Presi- dent finds and proclaims that a national economic or other emergency exists with respect to sugar or liquid sugar, he shall by proclamation suspend the operation, except as provided in section 207 of this Act, of all the provisions of title II above, and, thereafter, the operation of such title shall continue in suspense until the President finds and proclaims that the facts which occasioned such suspension no longer exist. The Secretary shall make such investigations and reports thereon to the President as may be necessary to aid him in carrying out the provisions of this section. SEC. 409. Whenever the Secretary determines that such action is necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Act, he is authorized, if first requested by persons constituting or representing a substantial proportion of the persons affected in any one of the five domestic sugar-producing areas, to make for such area surveys and investi- gations to the extent he deems necessary, including the holding of public hearings, and to make recommendations with respect to (a) the terms and conditions of contracts between the producers and processors of sugar beets and sugarcane in such area and (b) the terms and conditions of contracts between laborers and producers of sugar beets and sugarcane in such area. In carrying out the provisions of this section, information shall not be made public with respect to the individual operations of any processor, producer, or laborer. SEC. 410. The Secretary is authorized to conduct surveys, investi- gations, and research relating to the conditions and factors affecting the methods of accomplishing most effectively the purposes of this Act and for the benefit of agriculture generally in any area. Notwith- standing any provision of existing law, the Secretary is authorized to make public such information as he deems necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act. SEC. 411 . The powers vested in the Secretary under this Act shall terminate on December 31, 1952, except that the Secretary shall have 933 Violation of desig- nated provisions. Ante, p. 928 . Ante, p. 927. Furnishing of in- formation. Penalty. Speculation, etc., by person acting in offi- cial capacity. Suspension of title II. Ante, p. 927. Ante, p. 923. Surveys and Investi- gutions. Termination of powers.