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INDEX A Abaca Fiber and Cordage, allocations, time limitation of provisions_______ Aberdeen, S. Dak., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of -------------- Acadia National Park, Maine, transfer of jurisdiction of certain lands from Department of the Interior to Navy Department---------------------- Accounting Office. See General Account- ing Office. Acts of Congress, formalities of enact- ment; repeals, etc -------------- Adams Act, appropriation to effect pro- visions of -------------

Adjutant General's Office. See under War Department. Administrative Procedure Act, exclusions Page 34 304 519 634 530 from operation of-------------37,201, 323 Admissions Tax: Exemption of members of armed forces, etc., termination date------------ 919 War rates of certain miscellaneous taxes, continuance--------------------- 12 Aerial Flights, increased pay for nonflying officers, limitation -------------- 225, 552 Aerial Legal Experts, International Tech- nical Committee of, appropriation for contribution _------------------- 113 Aeronautics, Bureau of. See under Navy Department. Aeronautics, Civil. See Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938; Civil Aeronautics Admin- istration; Civil Aeronautics Board. Aeronautics, National Advisory Committee for. See National Advisory Commit- tee for Aeronautics. Agave Fiber and Cordage, allocations, time limitation of provisions------------- 34 Agencies, Government. See Government Departments and Agencies; also indi- vidual titles. Agreements, International. See Inter- national Agreements. Agricultural Adjustment Act: Loans from Reconstruction Finance Corporation, certain, repeal of pro- visions respecting---------------- 208 Marketing agreements and orders, amendment of provisions relating to- 707 95347--48-pt. 1-61 Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938: Page Appropriation to effect provisions of_ 541 , 545 Marketing quotas- Peanuts- Amendments respecting --------- _ 721 Funds available----------------- 542 Printing and binding, transfer of funds for ------------------------- 526 War crops, acreage allotment, date of termination of state of war, etc., in interpretation of Act of February 28, 1945------------------------ 451 Wool, applicability of provisions to price support operations -------- _ 769 Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry, Bureau of. See under Agriculture, Department of. Agricultural Commodities: Allocation and inventory controls, avail- ability of Department of Agricul- ture funds for legislation respecting- 942 Cotton. See separatetitle. Crop insurance. See Federal Crop In- surance Act, Amendments; Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. Exportation and domestic consumption, reduction in appropriation - - -- 20, 550 Freight rates for, appropriation to effect provisions of Agricultural Adjust- ment Act of 1938 relating to-..... 545 Market inspection, appropriation for-- 543 Marketing agreements and orders, amendment of provisions of Agri- cultural Adjustment Act relating to------------------------- --- 707 Marketing information, appropriation for---------------------------- 543 Marketing services, funds for._ -_ 74, 543, 618 Peanuts. See separate title. Research and Marketing Act of 1946, appropriation for effecting provi- sions -------------------------- 524 Speculation. See Commodity Ex- changes. Strategic and critical materials, research on, appropriation for------------ 529 Subsidies, restriction on use of War De- partment funds for---- --------- 556 Sugar. See Sugar; Sugar Act of 1948; Sugar Control Extension Act of 1947. r