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INDEX Government Corporations-Continued. Claims, funds available for payment__ Disbursement, Division of, Treasury Department, transfer of funds to...................... Expenditure and contract authoriza- tions ---

__________________ General provisions of Government Cor- porations Appropriation Act, 1949_ Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1949, applicability of provisions- _ - Office buildings at seat of government, restriction on use of funds for----- Overthrow of U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons advocating -------

__ _____ Strikes against U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging in, etc--------------- Treasurer of United States, Office of, transfer of funds to----___ ------- Typewriters, report to Bureau of Fed- eral Supply on---------------..- United States Information and Educa- tional Exchange Act of 1948. See separate title. Government Corporations Appropriation Act, 1949----------------


Government Departments and Agencies. See also Government Employees; and individualtitles. Air-traffic control-tower operators, coop- eration in training -------------- Pa 11! 4< 119 119 119 119 41 41 118 1091 Alaska- Native service, transfer of surplus property to, authority --------- 1117 Public airports at Anchorage and Fairbanks, transfer of property in connection with, authority- _- 278 Alaska Railroad, transfer of surplus property to, authority ----------- 1148 Alaska Road Commission, transfer of surplus property to, authority --- 1147 American Republics, cooperation with, transfer of funds from Department of State appropriation ---------- 314 Badges, identification cards, etc., un- authorized manufacture, etc., pen- alty ------------------- .------- 731 Citizenship requirements, employees--- 193, 557, 593, 667, 1025 Exemptions----------------------- 12, 319, 434, 530, 595, 651, 1149 Claims. See Claims; Federal Tort Claims Act. Commodity Credit Corporation, utili- zation of employees, facilities, etc-- 1073 Contracts With United States. See separatetitle. LXIII Government Departments and Acencies-- Continued. Corporations, Government. See Gov- ernment Corporations. Disaster relief to States, appropriation for------------------------- 1031 Disbursing officers, embezzlement by, penalties --- ------------ - 727, 728 Displaced Persons Commission, alloca- tions by, authority ------------- 1031 Economic Cooperation Act of 1948. See separate title. Executive Branch of the Government, Commission on Organization of- Appropriation for ----------------- 61 Time extension for submission of re- port; continuation of member- ship upon change of status--- 1292 Federal Supply, Bureau of, transfer or detail of employees to, transfer of funds ------------------------ _ 414 Foreign aid appropriations, restriction on availability for building addi- tional commercial manufacturing plants in United States ---------- 1060 Geological Survey, scientific and tech- nical investigations, transfer of funds 1135 Government Printing Office, detail of employees to executive branch, re- striction --_________._---------_ 436 Grazing permits, compensation of holders for losses because of use of lands for national-defense pur- poses ------------------.----- 277 Health service programs, transfers of funds to Public Health Service- -- 401 Heating units in Government buildings, restriction on use of funds for con- version or installation of certain- __ 65 Hospitals maintained by, establishment of lien for moneys due in certain cases, authority ----------------- 496 Household effects of employees, vali- dation of certain Government pay- ments for shipment ------------- 231 Appropriation for settlement of claims authorized ------------------- 232 Housing and Home Finance Administra- tion, research and studies on standardized building codes and materials, utilization of facilities - 1276 Inaugural Ceremonies, Committee on, granting of permits to---- ---- _- 287 Inaugural ceremonies, quartering of troops in public buildings-------- 285 Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948. See United States In- formation and Educational Ex- change Act of 1948. Pana