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INDEX Housing-Continued. Page Mortgage insurance-Continued. Large-scale projects built for sale, conditions and limitations------ 1271 Premium charges ---------------- 1273 Principal obligation -----. 101, 1269, 1273 Release of mortgagor from liability; condition ---- _ _ -------_ _ __ --- _ 101 Restrictions, penalty for violation_- - 1268 Sale of Government housing-------- 1270 Time extension ---------------- 101, 1268 National Capital Housing Authority, appropriation for---------------- 189 National Home Mortgage Corporation, funds for administrative expenses under Housing Act of 1948------- 1034 National Housing Act, amendments--- 101, 1206, 1268 Portland, Oreg., funds available for emergency housing after flood----- 356 Public Housing Administration- Appropriation authorized----------- 1284 Appropriation for; limitations------- 1184 Availability of funds----- ----- 1034, 1190 Commissioner, salary; powers- _- 1283, 1284 Housing Act of 1948, administrative expenses under, funds for------- 1034 Rights, functions, etc-------------- 1284 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, loans, etc., for production of pre- fabricated housing or large-scale modernized site construction------ 1275 Rent, excess, enforcement of prohibi- tion----------------------- -- 98 Rents, maximum-------------------- 94 Limitation on imposition of-------- 100 Time extension of provisions-------- 37, 98 Security deposits-------------------- 98 Temporary. See Defense housing, this title. Trailer or trailer space, exclusion from term "controlled housing accom- modations"--------------------- 93 United States Housing Authority- Fraudulent actions relating to, pen- alty------------------------ 752 Misuse of name, penalty----------- 734 United States Housing Corporation, and United States Housing Corpora- tion of Pennsylvania, funds for dissolution --------------------- 1189 Vancouver, Wash., funds available for emergency housing after flood----- 356 Vanport, Oreg., funds available for emergency housing after flood ---- 356 Veterans, servicemen, etc.- Cooperative housing corporations, mortgages, principal obligation-- 1209 Housing-Continued. Page Veterans, servicemen, etc.-Continued. Disabled, certain, assistance in ac- quiring specially adapted hous- ing------------------------ 500 Appropriation authorized--------- 501 Loans, increase in maximum rate of interest---------------------- 1275 Permanent war housing, sale to, pur- chase price ------------------- 492 Preference- Mortgaged property, occupancy of_ 1271 Time extension----------------- 37, 93 Project under State, etc., program, conversion to project with Fed- eral assistance---------------- 1285 Reuse housing program, reduction in appropriation -- ..- --- --- --- - 1185 War workers, occupancy priority in certain cases, repeal of provision -- 1275 Housing Act, National, amendments----- 101, 1206, 1268 Housing Act of 1948. See under Housing. Housing and Home Finance Agency. See under Housing. Housing and Rent Act of 1947, amend- ments --------------------------- 37, 93 Housing and Rent Act of 1948. See under Housing. Housing Expediter, Office of. See under Housing. Houston, Tex., construction of reflecting pool at naval hospital by Houston Council, Navy League of United States, authorized----------------- 170 Houston Ship Channel, Tex., works of improvement, adoption and author- ization -------------------------- 1173 Houtz, Effie Diggie, erroneous collection, appropriation for refund, author- ized---------------------- - 1170 Howard University. See under Federal Security Agency. Howards Farm-Reno Beach Area, flood- protection project, authorization --- 1178 Human Nutrition and Home Economics, Bureau of. See under Agriculture, Department of. Hungry Horse Project, Mont., appropria- tion for-------------------------- 1129 Hunter, Wis., appropriation for coopera- tion in construction of school build- ing---------------------------- 1120 Huntington, W. Va., acquisition of land by Federal Works Agency, authorized-- 86 Appropriation for-_---------------- 1033 Huntsville Arsenal, Ala., construction of military installations, authorized --- 376 LXXIII