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63 STAT.1 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CHS. 100 , 101 , 123 , 124-MAY 12, 17, 1949 such dam shall hereafter be designated and referred to as "Swanson Lake" in commemoration of Carl H. Swanson. Approved May 12, 1949. [CHAPTER 101] JOINT RESOLUTION Making temporary appropriations for the fiscal year 1949, and for other purposes. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there are hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appro- priated, and out of applicable corporate or other revenue, receipts, and funds, such amounts as may be necessary to permit Government departments, agencies, and corporations for which appropriations or other funds would be made available by the First Deficiency Appro- priation Act, 1949 (H. R. 2632), as passed by the House of Repre- sentatives on February 16, 1949, or as passed by the Senate on April 13, 1949, to carry out their functions, until the approval of said Act, at the rate which would be provided for in appropriations, funds, or other authority granted by said Act: Provided, That in any case where the amount which would be made available under said Act as passed by the House of Representatives is different from the amount which would be made available under the Act as passed by the Senate, the rate herein provided for shall be based on the lesser amount: Pro- vided further, That expenditures hereunder shall be charged to the appropriate appropriation or fund contained in the aforesaid Act (H. R. 2632) when it becomes law: Providedfurther, That no funds appropriated pursuant to this paragraph shall be used for salaries and expenses of a person in any of the following positions in the Bureau of Reclamation, or of any person who performs the duties of any such position, who is not a qualified engineer with at least five years' engineering and administrative experience: (1) Commissioner of Reclamation; (2) Assistant Commissioner of Reclamation; and (3) Regional Director of Reclamation. Approved May 12, 1949. 67 May 12, 1949 [H. J. Res. 22] [Public Law 62] Temporary appro- priations, 1949. Post, p. 76. Restriction on use of funds. [CHAPTER 123] AN ACT AN ACT May 17,1949 To exempt artificial limbs from duty if imported for personal use and not for sale. IH.R. 3932] IPublic Law a3 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That title II of the Tariff Act of 1930 (relating to the free list) is hereby amended by adding at the end thereof the following new paragraph: "PAR. 1816. Artificial limbs and limb braces imported solely for the personal use of a specified person and not for sale otherwise than for the use of such person." Approved May 17, 1949. [CHAPTER 124] Tariff Act of 1930, amendment. 46 Stat. 672. 19U. S.0. §1201; Supp. II , 1201. JOINT RERSOLUTTON Ma 17, 1949 To authorize the cancellation and release of an agreement dated December 31, [H. IRes. 91] 1923, entered into between the Port of Seattle and the United States of [Public aw 64] America, represented by the United States Shipping Board acting through the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation. Whereas the Port of Seattle purchased and acquired by deed from the United States of America, represented by the United States Shipping Board, certain real property located m the city of Seattle,