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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 128-MAY 19, 1949 research agency of the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission cooperating with the research agencies in each state for that purpose. Representatives of the said Fish and Wildlife Service shall attend the meetings of the commission. An advisory committee to be rep- resentative of the commercial salt water fisherman and the salt water anglers and such other interest of each state as the commissioners deem advisable may be established by the commissioners from each state for the purpose of advising those commissioners upon such recommendations as it may desire to make. ARTICLE VIII Ane, p. O7. When any state other than those named specifically in Article II of this compact shall become a party hereto for the purpose of con- serving its anadromous fish or marine species in accordance with the provisions of Article II, the participation of such state in the action of the commission shall be limited to such species of fish. ARTICLE IX Nothing in this compact shall be construed to limit or add to the powers or the proprietary interest of any signatory state or to repeal or prevent the enactment of any legislation or the enforcement of any requirement by a signatory state imposing additional conditions and restrictions to conserve its fisheries. ARTICLE X It is agreed that any two or more states party hereto may further amend this compact by acts of their respective legislatures subject Stat. 1 . to approval of Congress as provided in Article I Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States, to designate the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission as a joint regulating authority for the joint regulation of specific fisheries affecting only such states as shall so compact, and at their joint expense. The representatives of such states shall constitute a separate section of the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission for the exercise of the additional powers so granted but the creation of such section shall not be deemed to deprive the states so compacting of any of their privileges or powers in the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission as constituted under the other articles of this compact. ARTICLE XI Continued absence of representation or of any representative on the commission from any state party hereto shall be brought to the attention of the governor thereof. ARTICLE XII The operating expenses of the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Com- mission shall be borne by the states party hereto. Such initial appro- priations as are set forth below shall be made available yearly until modified as hereinafter provided: Florida--------------------

500. 0 Alabama-


1,. 00 Mississippi -------------------------------------------------- 1,00000 ~Lounisiana--~1_ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ i,000 . 00 Louisiana----------------------------------------------- 000. 00 Ttal--------------------

-i, 000. 00 Texas ...- -- - - --- - --- -- 2,500.00. 72 [63 STAT.