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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 152 --- Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949. AN ACT To simplify the procurement, utilization, and disposal of Government property, to reorganize certain agencies of the Government, and for other purposes ------------ 153 --- Second Decontrol Act of 1947, amendment. AN ACT To con- tinue for a temporary period certain powers, authority, and discretion in respect to tin and tin products conferred upon the President by the Second Decontrol Act of 1947, and for other purposes-------------------------------------- 154--- Temporary appropriations,1950. JOINT RESOLUTION Mak- ing temporary appropriations for the fiscal year 1950, and for other purposes --------

155 --- Second War Powers Act, 1942. AN ACT To continue for a temporary period certain powers, authority, and discretion for the purpose of exercising, administering, and enforcing import controls with respect to fats and oils (including butter), and rice and rice products --------------- 156 --- Government printing. AN ACT To authorize certain Govern- ment printing, binding, and blank-book work elsewhere than at the Government Printing Office if approved by the Joint Committee on Printing--------------------------------- 157 --- Simon Bolivar, statue. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing the erection in the District of Columbia of a statue of Simon Bolivar__.. -_ __ __ __ __ _- -- --

158 --- Census. AN ACT To amend the Act of June 18, 1929-------- 159 --- Surplus Fund-Certified Claims Act of 1949. AN ACT To permit the Comptroller General to pay claims chargeable against lapsed appropriations and to provide for the return of unexpended balances of such appropriations to the surplus fund ---------------


160 --- Certain Foreign Service and D. C. government employees, pay. AN ACT To correct inequities in the pay of certain officers and employees of the Federal Government and of the govern- ment of the District of Columbia ----------------------- 161 --- Facilities for international broadcasting. AN ACT To make certain Government-owned facilities available for interna- tional broadcasting in the furtherance of authorized programs of the Department of State, and for other purposes--------- 162 --- President's Committee on National Employ the Physically Handi- capped Week. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing an appro- priation for the work of the President's Committee on National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week---------------- 163 --- Trawlers Alaska and Oregon. AN ACT To transfer the trawlers Alaska and Oregon from the Reconstruction Finance Corpo- ration to the Fish and Wildlife Service ----------------- 164 --- Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of June 25, 1938, as amended, by providing for the certification of batches of drugs, composed wholly or partly of any kind of aureomycin, chloramphenicol, and bacitracin, or any deriv- ative thereof------------ _ ----- ---- ----- ----- ---- 165 --- Mississippi State College, conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to quitclaim five and one-tenth acres of land in Washington County, Mississippi, to the Mississippi State College ------------------------------ 166 --- Swan Island Animal Quarantine Station. AN ACT To repeal the Act of July 24, 1946, relating to the Swan Island Animal Quarantine Station __----------------------------- --- 167 --- Departments of Army, Navy, and Air Force, professional and scientific service. AN ACT To amend the Act of August 1, 1947, as amended, to authorize the creation of ten professional and scientific positions in the headquarters and research stations of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics-- 168 --- Jurors,fees, expenses, and costs. AN ACT Relating to the pay- ment of fees, expenses, and costs of jurors_- __- -- - -- - -- - -- _ 169 --- Nevada County, Calif. AN ACT For the relief of Nevada County, California ---------------------------- 170 --- International Children's Emergency Fund. AN ACT To provide for further contributions to the International Children's Emergency Fund------------------------------------- Date June 30, 1949--- June 30, 1949--- June 30, 1949__- July 1, 1949-- July 5,1949_-- July 5, 1949__- July 6, 1949--- July 6, 1949--- July 6,1949--- July 9, 1949--- July 11, 1949-- July 13,1949--- July 13,1949 --- July 13,1949--- July 13, 1949--- July 13, 1949--- July 14, 1949-_ _ July 14, 1949 -- XIII Page 377 404 404 405 405 406 406 407 407 408 409 409 409 410 410 410 411 412 July 14, 1949-_- 412