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INDEX Bonds, Securities, Etc. -Continued Alaska Public Works Act, issuance under ----------------------- City of Clinton Bridge Commission, issuance of negotiable serial bonds, authority ---------------------- Duluth, Minn., financing of certain bridges across Saint Louis River, issuance authority ------------- Federal Works Administrator, servicing of securities, authority___ -- -_ -- -- Hawaii- Honolulu- Flood control, issuance for, author- ity---------------------- Public improvements, issuance for, authority--------------- Public-park improvements,issuance for, authority------------- Sewerage systems, issuance for, authority---------------- Kauai, county of, issuance of public- improvement bonds, authority - Public-improvement bonds, issuance authority; total indebtedness--- Revenue bonds, ratification of Act relating to--- -------------- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, investment se- curities, certain, nonapplicability of restrictions; exemption from designated provisions of law---- Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, maintenance, etc., of bridges across Niagara River, bond is- suance, authority------------- Second Liberty Bond Act. See separate title. Virgin Islands, issuance for public im- provements, authority ---------- Bondsmen, Relief of: Ensler, Samuel, payment to---------- Puccinelli, Louis, payment to------ Bonneville Power Administration. See under Interior, Department of the. Boone, Patricia B. (Patricia Imelda Boone), deportation suspension- -- Boonstoppel, Johannes (John Jacob Boon- stoppel), deportation suspension-- - Booth, Margaret Kato Walker, deporta- tion suspension ------------------ Borg, Carmel Charlie, deportation sus- pension -____---___ .-- ___--_----- Borgman-Bronwer, Peter Willem, de- portation suspension -_ _ _ __ _ _ _ -__ - - Borgwardt, Hans Karl, deportation sus- pension ----------------------- Borraccia, Lorenzo, deportation suspen- sion --------------------- ___ -__ - Page 628 598 885 638 922 923 922 921 924 926 686 298 614 940 1104 1104 1227 1227 1227 1240 1242 123( 1241 Borrell, Teresa Adell, deportation sus- Page pension ------------------------- 1230 Borza, Antonio, deportation suspension__ 1240 Borza, Guiseppe, deportation suspension_ 1240 Bosi, Enrico (Henry Peter Bosi), de- portation suspension ------------- 1227 Boston, Mass. See under Massachusetts. Botanic Garden: Appropriation for----------------- 225, 253 Restriction on distribution, by Con- gressional allotment, of nursery stock _---------------------- -- 225 Bott, James J. (Capt.), acceptance of gift from foreign government, authorized_ 1076 Bould, James, deportation suspension- -- 1234 Boulder Canyon Project, appropriation for----------------------- 259,782,784 Boulder Canyon Project Adjustment Act, appropriation for effecting provisions of----------------------------- - 784 Boulder City School District, reimburse- ment to, appropriation for ---------- 784 Boundary and Water Commission, Inter- national, United States and Mexico. See International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico. Boundary Commission, International, United States and Canada and Alaska, appropriation for --------------- 250, 453 Bousses, Nicolaos Stamatiou, deportation suspension ----------------------- 1234 Boutant, Denise Simeon, admission for permanent residence -------------- 1150 Boy Scouts of America: Alaska Council, conveyance to-------- 216 Sea-Scout Service, disposal of certain Coast Guard material to--------- 547 Second National Jamboree, loan of equipment for, authority of Secre- tary of Defense---------------- 706 Boyd, Raymond A. (Lt. Comdr.), ac- ceptance of gift from foreign govern- ment, authorized------------------ 1076 Boyle, John B., admission for permanent residence----------------------- 1162 Brackies, Elsie Alice Verna, deportation suspension--- ---------- ____--_--- 1233 Bradley, John Hubert, deportation sus- pension---------------------- _ _ _ 1234 Braille Writers, transportation, postal rate----------------------------- 690 Brandon, Bertha Emily, deportation sus- pension ----------- _-- ___-__ _-- -- 1234 Brawley, Calif., irrigation station, ap- propriation for ------------------- 239 Contract authority _-------------- 333, 334 Braxton, Bedena Mae, deportation sus- pension ------------------------- 1230 XXVI .