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- . -. X Interior, Department of the-Continued Page Bushnell General Hospital, Brigham City, Utah, transfer from War Assets Administration ----------- 14 Cape Vincent, N. Y., fish cultural sta- tion, rehabilitation of rearing ponds and facilities, authority ---------- 615 Appropriation authorized---------- 616 Appropriation for acquisition of lands_ 981 Churntown Elementary School Dis- trict, Calif., conveyance to------- 60 Claims, appropriation for payment___ 783, 801 Colorado River dam fund, appropria- tion for ---------------- 259, 782, 784 Colorado River Development Fund- Appropriation for----------------- 784 Availability of funds-------------- 242 Conservation projects, Great Plains and arid and semiarid areas, increase in limitation on expenditures for any one project----------------- 171 Contingent expenses, appropriation for_ 766 Crow Indians, Mont. See separate title. Deaver Irrigation District,Wyo., approv- al of contract; execution author- ity -------------------------- 942 Eden project, Wyo., irrigation features, completion of construction author- ized; allotment of moneys; appro- priation authorized ----------- 277, 278 Emergencies, diversion of funds for, ap- propriation for reimbursement---- 240 Everglades National Park, Fla., acqui- sition of additional lands for; reservations -------------------- 733 Fish and Wildlife Service- Aircraft, acquisition by transfer from designated agencies ------------ 798 Appropriation for- ---- 243, 259, 795, 981 Eglin Field Reservation, Fla., pro- visions relating to wildlife, fish, and game conservation--------- 759 Federal aid in wildlife restoration, ap- propriation for--------------- 797 General provisions respecting avail- ability of appropriations -------- 798 Gulf States Marine Fisheries Com- mission, action as primary re- search agency of-------------- 71 Migratory birds. See separate title. Sea lampreys of Great Lakes, eradica- tion program; appropriation au- thorized---------------------- 616 Appropriation for -------------- 795 Shad of Atlantic Coast, study, au- thority; appropriation author- ized----------------------- 616 Surplus property, acquisition by trans- fer from designated agencies---- 798 Interior, Department of the-Continued Page Fish and Wildlife Service-Continued Trawlers Alaska and Oregon, transfer from RFC; appropriation for maintenance, etc., authorized- _- 409 Vessels, acquisition by transfer from designated agencies ----------- 798 Fishery facilities, Wash., exchange of Birdsview Fish Cultural Station for Lake Crescent Hatchery _- - ..-- - 159 Flood protective works, diversion of funds for, appropriation for reim- bursement--------------------- 240 Fort Niagara State Park, N. Y., con- veyance of tract to State -------- 691 Fort Sumner irrigation district, N. Mex., rehabilitation and operation of ir- rigation system, authorized ------- 483 General provisions, Appropriation Act, 1950------------------------- 801 Geographic Names, Board on, appro- priation for--------------------- 766 Geological Survey- Appropriation for-------------- 259, 785 Arkansas River Compact Administra- tion, collaboration of Director, request for------------------- 151 Maps, topographic, or specialized sur- veys, contracts for, authority _- 787 Revolving fund, establishment; avail- ability ---------------------- 786 Scientific and technical investigations for Government agencies, transfer of funds--------------------- 787 Surplus property, transfer to, au- thority--------------------- 787 Gettysburg National Cemetery, Pa., ac- quisition of land for, appropriation for-------------------------- 243 Gila project, Ariz. See separate title. Hawaii, government in, appropriation for-------------------- 244,259,800 Homestead entries, cancellation on de- fault of obligations-------------- 883 Hoopa, Calif., school buildings, appro- priation authorized -------------- 722 Indian Affairs, Bureau of. See also Indians. Appropriation for--- 84, 241, 258, 770, 875 Bernalillo County, N. Mex., hos- pital- Appropriation authorized------- Conveyance for---------------- Fort Berthold Reservation, N. Dak., Three Affiliated Tribes, title to certain lands; compensation - - Hoopa, Calif., school buildings, fur- nishing of plans and specifica- tions for .---------...

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