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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1 8T SESS.-CH. 235 - -JUNE 22, 1949 of such chairman for any sum advanced to him or his order out of said contingent fund by the Secretary of the Senate for committee expenses not involving personal services shall be taken and passed by the accounting officers of the Government as a full and sufficient voucher; but it shall be the duty of such chairman, as soon as prac- ticable, to furnish to the Secretary of the Senate vouchers in detail for the expenses so incurred". Folding documents: For folding speeches and pamphlets at a basic rate not exceeding $1 per thousand, $25,000. Materials for folding: For materials for folding, $1,500. Fuel, and so forth: For fuel, oil, cotton waste, and advertising, exclusive of labor, $2,000. Senate restaurants: For repairs, improvements, equipment, and supplies for Senate kitchens and restaurants, Capitol Building and Senate Office Building, including personal and other services, to be expended under the supervision of the Committee on Rules and Administration, United States Senate, $42,500. Motor vehicles: For maintaining, exchanging, and equipping motor vehicles for carrying the mails and for official use of the offices of the Secretary and Sergeant at Arms, $9,560. Miscellaneous items: For miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, $630,395. Packing boxes: For packing boxes, $3,000. Postage stamps: For office of Secretary, $500; office of Sergeant at Arms, $225; offices of the secretaries for the majority and the minority, $100; in all, $825. Air-mail and special-delivery stamps: For air-mail and special- delivery stamps for Senators and the President of the Senate as authorized by law, $10,250. Stationery: For stationery for Senators and for the President of the Senate, including $10,000 for stationery for committees and offices of the Senate, $58,500. The Sergeant at Arms is authorized and directed to secure suitable office space in post office or other Federal buildings in the State of each Senator for the use of such Senator and in the city to be desig- nated by him: Provided,That in the event suitable space is not avail- able in such buildings and a Senator leases or rents office space else- where, the Sergeant at Arms is authorized to approve for payment from the contingent fund of the Senate, vouchers covering bona fide statements of rentals due in an amount not exceeding $900 per annum for each Senator. Commencing with the fiscal year 1949 the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to protect the funds of his office by purchas- ing insurance in an amount necessary to protect said funds against loss. Premiums on such insurance shall be paid out of the contingent fund of the Senate, upon vouchers approved by the chairman of the Committee on Rules and Administration. Salaries or wages paid out of the foregoing items under "Contingent expenses of the Senate" shall be computed at basic rates as authorized by law, plus increased and additional compensation as provided by the "Federal Employees Pay Act of 1945", as amended, and the "Postal Rate Revision and Federal Employees Salary Act of 1948". HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SALARIES, MILEAGE, AND EXPENSES OF MEMBEBS For compensation of Members of the House of Representatives, Delegates irom Territories, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, $5,492,500. 219 Office space for Sen- ators. Payment of rent. Insurance against loss of funds. Computation of salaries. 59 Stat. 295; 62 Stat. 1260. 5U. S.C. 901 t seq.; Supp. II, § 902 dseq.;39U.S.C., Supp. II, 878a note. Post, pp. 265, 973, 974.