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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 280 -JUNE 29, 1949 the Acts of December 20, 1944 (Public Law 521), and June 29, 1948 (Public Law 834), including not to exceed $117,188 for personal services in the District of Columbia and including not to exceed $150,000 for the construction by contract or otherwise of a railroad spur to facilitate the loading and removal of timber products, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended: Pro- vided, That this appropriation shall be available for the rental, pur- chase, construction, or alteration of buildings necessary for the storage and repair of equipment and supplies used for road and trail con- struction and maintenance, but the total cost of any such building purchased, altered, or constructed under this authorization shall not exceed $15,000 with the exception that any building erected, purchased, or acquired, the cost of which was $15,000 or more, may be improved within any fiscal year by an amount not to exceed 2 per centum of the cost of such buildings certified by the Chief of the Forest Service. FOREST-FIRE COOPERATION For cooperation with the various States or other appropriate agencies in forest-fire prevention and suppression and the protection of timbered and cut-over lands in accordance with the provisions of sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Act approved June 7, 1924, as amended (16 U. S . C . 564-566), $9,000,000, of which not to exceed $83,384 shall be available for personal services in the District of Columbia. FARM AND OTHER PRIVATE FORESTRY COOPERATION To enable the Secretary through the Forest Service to advise timber- land owners and associations, wood-using industries or other appro- priate agencies in the application of forest management principles to federally owned lands leased to States and to private forest lands, so as to attain sustained-yield management, the conservation of the timber resources, the productivity of forest lands, and the stabilization of employment and economic continuance of forest industries, and to carry into effect, through such agencies of the Department as he may designate, the provisions of the Cooperative Farm Forestry Act, approved May 18, 1937 (16 U. S. C. 568b), (not to exceed $950,534) and the provisions of sections 4 (not to exceed $83,700) and 5 (not to exceed $65,766) of the Act approved June 7,1924 (16 U. S . C . 567-568), and Acts supplementary thereto; in all, not to exceed $1,100,000, of which not to exceed $64,653 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia. ACQUISITION OF LANDS FOR NATIONAL FORESTS Weeks Act: For the acquisition of forest lands under the provisions of the Act approved March 1, 1911, as amended (16 U. S. C. 513-519, 521), $401,000, to be available only for payment toward the purchase price of any lands acquired, including the cost of surveys in connection with such acquisition: Provided, That no part of such funds shall be used for the purchase of lands in the counties of Adair, Cherokee, and Sequoyah, in the State of Oklahoma, without the specific approval of the Board of County Commissioners of the county in which such lands are situated. Superior National Forest: For the acquisition of forest land within the Superior National Forest, Minnesota, under the provisions of the Act approved June 22, 1948 (Public Law 733), $75,000, to remain available until expended. Special Acts: For the acquisition of land to facilitate the control of soil erosion and flood damage originating within the exterior bound- aries of the following national forests, in accordance with the provisions 339 68 Stat. 838; 62 Stat. 1105. 23 U. S. C. §§ 60-63; Supp. II, §§ 23c, 21. Construction of rail- road spur. Buildings for stor- age of equipment. 43 Stat. 653. 16 U. S. C., Supp. II, § 565. Post, p. 910. 50 Stat. 188. 43 Stat. 664 . Post, pp . 909, 910. 36 Stat. 961. 62 Stat. 568 . 16 U. S. C, Supp. I, §§ 577c-677h .