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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 286 -JUNE 30, 1949 Restriction. Recruiting. Transfer of house- hold goods. Provisions for sale at isolated stations. Apprehension of de- serters, etc. 34 Stat. 201 . Post, p. 562. Restrictions. 46 Stat. 164 . 14 U.8 . C ., Supp.II, § 178a. Post, p. 663. 40 Stiat. (6E; 13 Stat. 1261. 60 Stat. 810 . 37 Stat. 239. Post, p. 562. 60 Stat. 56 . Post, p. 565 . Coast Guard Acad- emy, contingencies. troops where sufficient quarters are not possessed by the United States to accommodate them; hire of quarters for Coast Guard personnel comparable to quarters assignable on a capital ship of the Navy, as authorized by the Secretary to meet emergency conditions, including officers and men on sea duty at such times as they may be deprived of their quarters on board ship due to repairs or other conditions which may render them uninhabitable: Provided,That under this authoriza- tion no funds may be expended for the hire of quarters for occupancy by the dependents of officers or enlisted personnel; expenses of recruit- ing for the Coast Guard; advertising for and obtaining enlisted per- sonnel and applicants for appointment as cadets; training of enlisted personnel, including textbooks, school supplies, and correspondence courses; transfer of household goods and effects of Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve personnel on active duty and when ordered to active duty and upon relief therefrom, and the transfer of household goods and effects of deceased Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve personnel who die while on active duty, as prescribed by law and regulations; purchase of provisions for sale to Coast Guard person- nel at isolated stations, and the apprppriation reimbursed; and includ- ing not to exceed $190,000 for recreation, amusement, comfort, con- tentment, and health of the enlisted personnel of the Coast Guard, to be expended pursuant to regulations prescribed by the Secretary, appre- hension and delivery of deserters and stragglers (14 U. S . C . 147); $76,250,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be used (1) to pay any enlisted man of the Coast Guard while detailed for duty at Coast Guard headquarters if such detail increases above thirty the total number of enlisted men detailed to such duty at any time, or (2) for increased pay for making aerial flights by nonflying officers or observers at rates in excess of those prescribed by law for the Air Force, which shall be the legal maximum rates as to such nonflying officers or observers. RETIRED PAY For retired pay for commissioned officers, warrant officers, enlisted personnel, for certain members of the former Life Saving Service authorized by the Act approved April 14, 1930 (14 U. S . C . 178a), and for certain officers and employees entitled thereto by virtue of former employment in the Lighthouse Service engaged in the field service or on vessels of the Coast Guard except persons continuously employed in district offices and shops (33 U. S. C. 763, 765), $13,134,000. GENERAL EXPENSES For expenses necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Coast Guard ashore and afloat, except as specifically provided for in other appropriations, including personal services; services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U. S . C. 55a); printing and binding; purchase of not to exceed thirty-one passenger motor vehicles for replacement only, and maintenance, operation, and repair of aircraft; improvement of property for Coast Guard pur- poses, including rental, purchase, or use of additional land where necessary and the purchase of land for beacons, daymarks, and fog signals; subsistence and clothing for shipwrecked and destitute per- sons, including reimbursement, under rules prescribed by the Secre- tary, of Coast Guard personnel who furnish from their personal stock subsistence and clothing to such persons (33 U. S . C. 749); for pay- ment of claims authorized under the Act of December 28, 1945, as amended (31 U. S . C . 222g); examination of estimates of appropria- tions in the field; not to exceed $2,500 for contingencies for the 366 [63STAT.