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630 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 505-AUG. 24, 1949 [63 STAT. [CHAPTER 505] JOINT RESOLUTION August 24, 1949 [S. J. Res. 3] To provide that any future payments by the Republic of Finland on the principal [Public Law 265] or interest of its debt of the First World War to the United States shall be used to provide educational and technical instruction and training in the United States for citizens of Finland and American books and technical equipment for institutions of higher education in Finland, and to provide opportunities for American citizens to carry out academic and scientific enterprises in Finland. Whereas the Republic of Finland alone among our debtors of the First World War has consistently made payments of principal and interest toward the retirement of its indebtedness to the United States; and Whereas it is deemed proper, as an act of abiding friendship and good will which the people of the United States hold for the people of Finland, to provide that any further payments on its World War I debt by the Republic of Finland shall be held in a special deposit account for such use as will advance and strengthen the close ties of friendship which bind together our two peoples: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Finlan war States of merica in Congress assembled, That any sums due or paid Use of future war o an debt payments. on and after the date of enactment of this joint resolution by the Republic of Finland to the United States as interest on or in retire- ment of the principal of the debt incurred under the Act of February 40 Stat. 1161 . 25, 1919, as refunded by the agreement dated May 1, 1923, pursuant 42 stat. 363. to authority contained in the Act of February 9, 1922, or of any other indebtedness incurred by that republic and owing to the United States as a result of World War I, shall be placed in a special deposit account in the Treasury of the United States, to remain available until Availability of expended. This account shall be available to the Department of State to finance by contract, grant, or otherwise- (a) studies, instruction, technical training, and other educational activities in the United States and its Territories and possessions (1) for students, professors, other academic persons, and technicians who are citizens of the Republic of Finland and, (2) with the approval of appropriate agencies, institutions, or organizations in Finland, for students, professors, other academic persons, and technicians who are citizens of the United States to participate in similar activities in Finland, including in both cases travel expenses, tuition, subsistence, and other allowances and expenses incident to such activities; and (b) the selection, purchase, and shipment of (1) American scientific, technical, and scholarly books and books of American literature for higher educational and research institutions of Finland, and (2) American laboratory and technical equipment for higher education and research in Finland, and (3) the interchange of similar Finnish materials and equipment for higher education and research in the United States. SEC. 2. The Secretary of State is hereby authorized to carry out the purposes of this joint resolution in accordance with the appli- 22S C., Supp.cable provisions of the United States Information and Educational 11, §§ 95 9 notes, Exchange Act of 1948 (Public Law 402, Eightieth Congress). Disbrsement SEC. 3 . Disbursements from the special deposit account shall be made by the Division of Disbursement of the Treasury Department, upon vouchers duly certified by the Secretary of State or by author- ized certifying officers of the Department of State. Approved August 24, 1949.