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63 STAT.] 818T CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 681 -OCT. 12 , 1949 803 Sec. 206. Special pay-Sea and foreign duty. Sec. 207. Special pay-Reenlistment bonus. TITLE III-PBOVISIONS RELATING TO ALLOWANCES PO, p. 812. Sec. 301. Basic allowance for subsistence. Sec. 302. Basic allowance for quarters. Sec. 303. Travel and transportation allowances. Sec. 304. Personal money allowance. TiTE IV-PROVISIONS RELATING TO RETIREMENT, RETIREMENT PAY , SEPARATION Pod, p . 816 . AND SEVERANCE PAY FOR PHYSICAL DISABILITY Sec. 401. Establishment of a temporary disability retired list. Sec. 402 . Temporary disability retirement, physical disability retirement, and disability retirement pay. Sec. 403. Separation and severance pay for physical disability. Sec. 404. Periodic physical examinations. Sec. 405. Recovery from physical disability. Sec. 406. Termination of temporary disability retirement pay. Sec. 407. Reappointment to the active list of officers placed on the temporary disability retired list. Sec. 408 . Physical disability resulting from intentional misconduct or willful neglect. Sec. 409. Rank or grade in which retired. Sec. 410. Cessation of benefits upon separation. Sec. 411. Members or former members heretofore retired for physical disability. Sec. 412. Definition of active service. Sec. 413. Regulations. Sec. 414. Powers, duties, and functions. TITLE V-MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Pow, p. 82W . Sec. 501. Training duty with or without pay of Reserve and National Guard personnel. Sec. 502. Active service credit in Coast and Geodetic Survey. Sec. 503. Payments based on purported marriages. Sec. 504. Contract surgeons. Sec. 505. Enlisted persons-Clothing allowance. Sec. 506. Allowance-Shore patrol duty. Sec. 507. Pay and allowances-Enlisted men-Philippine Scouts-Insular Force of the Navy. Sec. 508. Pay and allowances-Cadets and midshipmen. Sec. 509. Assimilation to pay and allowances of commissioned officers. Sec. 510 . Daily rate of pay and allowances. Sec. 511 . Retired and retainer pay of members on retired lists or receiving retainer pay. Sec. 512 . Retired pay of members and former members of reserve components. Sec. 513 . Retired pay grade of certain warrant officers and enlisted persons. Sec. 514 . Retired members and former members serving on active duty. Sec. 515 . Provision to retain present compensation and to limit the application of the Servicemen's Dependents Allowance Act of 1942, as amended. Sec. 516 . Provisions relating to increase of retired pay by active duty. Sec. 517. Saving provision and amendments relating to members of the Marine Band. Sec. 518 . Saving provision relating to former Lighthouse Service and former Bureau of Marine Inspection personnel. Sec. 519. Saving provision relating to members and former members receiving retirement pay on date of enactment of this act. Sec. 520 . Saving provision relating to laws providing for pay repealed by this act. Sec. 521. Provisions of the Public Health Service Act amended and repealed. Sec. 522 . Provision relating to retirement of officers specially commended for performance of duty in combat