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^^^^ ^"^^ District of Columbia—Cojitinued. Metropolitan Police— 170, Advance to Superintendent for crime 171 prevention and detection 172 George Washington University HospiAppropriation for 159 tal, contractual services, appropriation for 161 Detail of members to Capitol buildings and grounds 395 Georgetown, exchange of lands for entrance park 570 Status, etc 396 Georgetown University Hospital, conD u t y on day off, compensation for.. 27 tractual services, appropriation Holiday work, additional compensation for 607 for 161 Glenn Dale Tuberculosis H o s p i t a l Salary increase 636 Appropriation for capital outlay 161 Salary payments, monthly basis 607 Operating expenses, appropriation Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety for 161 Board, appropriation for 157 Volunteer services, acceptance of 161 Municipal Architect, Office of— Grade-crossing elimination, appropriaApportionments of appropriations 164 tion for 166 Appropriation for 164 Health Department — Public schools, availability of funds-_ 168 Administration, general, appropriaNational Capital P a r k and Planning tion for 160 Commission, appropriation for., 170, 278 Adulteration of, drugs and foods, Reduction 755 special services for detection of, National Capital P a r k s — appropriation for 161 Appropriation for 169 Appropriation for 160 District Debt Service, appropriation Hospitals, appropriation for 161 for reimbursement to United Medical charities, appropriation for__ 161 States 166 Volunteer services, acceptance of 161 Employees, certain, authority to g r a n t Highway fund— additional compensation to 637 Appropriations payable from 155, National Conference of Commissioners 165, 166, 167, 170 on Uniform State Laws, appropriaU. S. securities, investment in; tion for support 155 crediting of proceeds 172 National Guard, appropriation for 169 Hospital facilities, authority to make National Training School for Boys, a p grants for; r e payments 657 propriation for contractual services. 163 House of Mercy, contractual services, National Training School for Girls, appropriation for 163 availability of buildings, grounds, Industrial H o m e School, appropriation etc., for care and training of chilfor 163 dren committed to Board of P u b lic Welfare 164 Industrial H o m e School for Colored Children, appropriation for 163 Naval Communication S t a t i o n, reconInsane persons, certificate of sanity, struction and modernization of validity 150 facilities authorized 346 Naval Gun Factory, construction of Inspections, Department of, appropriabuilding, authorized 347 tion for 164 Naval Research Laboratory, Anacostia, Insurance, Department of, appropriaconstruction of facilities, authortion for 157 ized 348 I n t e r s t a t e Commission on P o to m a c Overthrow of U. S. Government, reRiver Basin, appropriation for strictions on employment of percontribution 167 sons advocating 171 J u d g m e n t s, appropriation for payment. 53 Park Police— Judicial expenses, appropriation for 156 Appropriation for 169 Jurors in eminent domain cases, fees 126 D u t y on day off, compensation for - . 27 Lands, exchange for a b u t t i n g lot or Holiday work, additional compensaparcel, authority 150 tion for 607 License Bureau, appropriation for 157 Salary increase 636 Marshals, U. S., reimbursement for 586 Parking meters, appropriation for 167 Meetings, appropriations available for P a r k i n g spaces for Members of Congress 167 attendance; limitation on a m o u n t - 172

District of Columbia—Continued. General provisions, Appropriation Act_