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Fourth Supplemental Appropriation Act, ^*^® 1951. See Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1951, F o u r t h. Frar.ce, transfer of certain naval vessels to, authorized; restriction 322. 323 Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyo., construction of facilities, authorized 357 Frankford Arsenal, Pa., construction of facilities, authorized 339 Freedmen's Hospital. See under Federal Security Agency. Friendship International Airport, Baltimore, Md., construction of facilities, authorized 352, 361 Fur Products Labeling Act 175 Condemnation and injunction proceedings 180 Criminal penalty 181 Guaranty 181 Misbranding, false advertising and invoicing; enforcement provisions^ 176-179 N a m e guide for fur products 179 Furniture, Household, credit controls under Defense Production Act 138 Furs and Skins, restriction on importation from Communist China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 75, c25 G Gainesville, Fla.: Land donation to Navy Department, acceptance Municipal Airport, appropriation for claims Gallinger Municipal Hospital. See under District of Columbia. Garrison Dam and Reservoir, N. Dak., availability of funds for payments to occupants of certain properties; restrictions Gas. See Oil and Gas. Geiger Field, Spokane, Wash., construction of facilities, authorized General Accounting Ojffice: Accrued leave payments, restriction on collection Appropriation for Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947, contracts negotiated without advertising under, authority to examine records B a n k r u p t c y Act, certain notices under, furnishing of copies to Comptroller General Certifying officers, certain, in terminated war agencies, credit in accounts of, authorized; certification by Secretary of Labor

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INDEX General Accounting OflSce—Continued. ^^^^ Classification Act of 1949, grades 16, 17, and 18 under, authority for positions 274 Contracts negotiated without advertising, authority to examine r e c o r d s.. 700 District of Columbia, accounts of auditor, authority of Comptroller General in certain cases 125 Prison-made products, purchase by Federal d e part m e n t s, representation of Comptroller General on board to arbitrate disputes respecting 723 Records, preservation of adjusted accounts and related papers 639 War risk, aviation, and liability insurance, annual budget program submitted by Secretary of Commerce, audit 68 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Torquay Protocol to, proclamations carrying out provisions of c l 2, c44 General Appropriation Act, 1951, applicability of certain provisions to temporary appropriations, 1952 113 General Pulaski's Memorial Day, 1951, proclamation c34 General Services Administration: American Samoa, purchases, authority. 263 Appropriation for 58, 112, 149, 208, 274, 743, 753 Credits from various sources 274 Reduction 755 Assignment of Claims Act of 1940, amendment 41 Chicago Appraisers' Stores Building, sale, authority 191 Constitutional amendments — Certification, publication, etc 710 Twenty-second amendment 777 Contracts— Defense, financing of 41 Renegotiation of 7 Currituck Beach Lighthouse Reservation, conveyance to North Carolina 643 D e c a t u r, 111., transfer of p l a n t to Navy Department 372 Defense Production Act of 1950, appropriation for carrying out functions under 753 Dispersal of agencies, restriction on use of funds for 274, 744 Electors of President and Vice President, certificates of appointment and votes, functions of Administ r a to r relating to 711 Emergency operating expenses, appropriation for 58, 744, 753