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Massachusetts—Continued. ^'*^* Marine school, State, reimbursement for expenses 285 Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento, Calif., construction of facilities, a u thorized 358 Maywood, Calif., U. S. Air Force Specialized Depot, construction of facilities, authorized 360 McAlester, Okla., Naval Ammunition Depot, construction of facilities, a u thorized .__ 347 McChord Air Force Base, Tacoma, Wash., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d.. 354 McCIellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, Calif., construction of facilities, authorized 360 McGhee-Tyson Airport, Knoxville, Tenn., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d.. 354 McGuire Air Force Base, Wrightstown, N. J., construction of facilities, authorized 354 Appropriation for; limitation 765 Meat Inspection, appropriation for 229 Medals, Decorations, Etc.: Girl Scouts of the United States of America, emblems, badges, etc., rights and use authority 192 Gold star lapel b u t to n s, design, distribution, etc., authority 195 Appropriation authorized 196 Mediation and Conciliation Service, Federal. See Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Mediation Board, National. See National Mediation Board. Medicine and Surgery, Bureau of. See under Navy, Department of the. Memphis, Tenn.: General D e p o t, construction of facilities, authorized 340 Naval Air Technical Training Center, construction of facilities, authorized 344 Menominee Indian Reservation, appropriation for recreational director 254 Menominee Tribe of Indians, Wis., per capita payments authorized 193 Mental Health Activities, appropriation for 217 Merchant Marine Academy, appropriation for contingencies 285 Merchant Marine Act, 1936: Appropriation for effecting provisions. 284, 285 Construction reserve funds established under, t i m e extension for use 366 Merchant Marine Reserve, exemption of midshipmen from registration under Universal Military Training and Service Act 83

INDEX Metal Scrap, suspension of duties and im^^^^ port taxes on, time extension 108 Metallurgical Congress, World, recognition and endorsement 372, c41 Mexican Border Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 230, 231 Mexican Border Facilities, increase in cost limitation 33? Mexican Fruitfly Control, appropriation for 230 Mexican Water Treaty, San Diego, Calif., area, control of use of water diverted from Colorado River 405 Mexico: Agricultural Act of 1949, amendment, recruitment of workers under 119-121 Appropriation for 190, 741 International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, appropriation for 578 Reduction 755 Miami, Fla., Naval Air Station, construction of facilities, authorized 344 Michigan, consent of Congress to extension and renewal of interstate compact concerning oil and gas conservation.. 199 Midwest Chemical Depot, Ark., construction of facilities, authorized 341 Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act, Amendment, receipts from sale of stamps, disposition 451 Milan Arsenal, Tenn., additional water supply facilities, authorized 339 Military Academy: Appropriation for 49, 433 Clothing and equipment, initial issue, authority of the Secretary 196 Construction of facilities, authorized 339 Insurance— Insurance Act of 1951 36 National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940. See separate title. Servicemen's I n d e m n i t y Act of 1951.. 33 Librarian, detail of retired Regular Army officer as 427 Mustering-out payments to certain persons discharged for physical disability, appropriation for 426 Sesquicentennial observance, appropriation for, limitation 433 Military Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Mo., construction, acquisition of land, authorized 342 Military Public Works Appropriation Act, 1952 764 Air Force, Department of the 765 Army, Department of the 764 Cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contracts, limitation on use of funds 766