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65 STAT.

PUBLIC LAW 139—SEPT. 1, 1951

SEC. 303. The cost per famil)^ dwelling unit for any housing project constructed under the authority of this title shall not exceed an average of $9,000 for two-bedroom units in such project, $10,000 for three-bedroom units in such project, and $11,000 for four-bedroom units in such project: Provided, That the Administrator may increase any such dollar limitation by not exceeding $1,000 in any geographical area where he finds that cost levels so require: Provided further, That in the Territories and possessions of the United States the Administrator may increase any such dollar limitation by 50 per centum: And provided further, That for the purposes of this section the cost of any land acquired by the Administrator upon the filing of a declaration of taking in proceedings for the condemnation of fee title shall be considered to be the amount determined by the Administrator, upon the basis of competent appraisal, to be the value thereof. SEC. 304. In furtherance of the purposes of this title and subject to the provisions hereof, the Administrator may make loans or grants, or other payments, to public and nonprofit agencies for the provision, or for the operation and maintenance, of community facilities and equipment therefor, or for the provision of community services, upon such terms and in such amounts as the Administrator may consider to be in the public interest: Provided, That grants under this title to any local agency for hospital construction may be made only after such action by the local agency to secure assistance under Public Law 725, Seventy-ninth Congress, approved August 13, 1946, as amended, or Public Law 380, Eighty-first Congress, approved October 25, 1949, as is determined to be reasonable under the circumstances, and only to the extent that the required assistance is not available to such local agency under said Public Law 725, or said Public Law 380, as the case may be: Provided further, That grants or payments for the provision, or for the maintenance and operation, of community facilities or services under this section shall not exceed the portion of the cost of the provision, or the maintenance and operation, of such facilities or services which the Administrator estimates to be attributable to the national defense activities in the area and not to be recovered by the public or nonprofit agency from other sources, including payments by the United States under any other provisions of this Act or any other law: And provided further, That any such continuing grant or payment shall be reexamined and adjusted annually upon the basis of the ability of the agency to bear a greater portion of the cost of such maintenance, operation, or services as a result of increased revenues made possible by such facility or by such defense activities. SEC. 305. (a) With respect to any housing or community facilities or services which the Administrator is authorized to provide, or any property which he is authorized to acquire, under this Act, the Administrator is authorized by contract or otherwise (without regard to sections 1136 and 3709 of the Revised Statutes, as amended, section 322 of the Act of June 30, 1932 (47 Stat. 412), as amended, the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, and prior to the approval of the Attorney General) to make plans, surveys, and investigations; to acquire (by purchase, donation, condemnation or otherwise), construct, erect, extend, remodel, operate, rent, lease, exchange, repair, deal with, insure, maintain, convey, sell for cash or credit, demolish, or otherwise dispose of any property, land, improvement, or interest therein; to provide approaches, utilities, and transportation facilities; to procure necessary materials, supplies, articles, equipment, and machinery; to make advance payments for leased property; to pursue to final disposition by way of compromise or otherwise, claims both for and against the United States (exclusive of claims in excess of $5,000 arising out of contracts for construction,

305 Cost limits of dwelling units.

Cost of certain land.

Loans, etc., for community facilities and services.

Hospital construction.

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Annual rexamination and adjustment.

Authority to £iCquire, construct, s(?ll, etc.

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Certain claims.