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65 STAT.]


PUBLIC LAW 233—OCT. 30, 1951

except the rates herein provided for second-class mail shall take effect on the first day of the second quarter beginning after the approval of this Act. TITLE II

Annual and Sick Leave Act of 1951.

SEC. 201. This title may be cited as the "Annual and Sick Leave Act of 1951". C!OVERAGE A N D EXEMPTIONS

SEC. 202. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), this title shall apply to all civilian officers and employees of the United States and of the government of the District of Columbia, including officers and employees of corporations wholly owned or controlled by the United States. (b)(1) This title shall not apply to— (A) teachers and librarians of the public schools of the District of Columbia; (B) part-time officers and employees (except hourly employees in the field service of the Post Office Department) for whom there has not been established a regular tour of duty during each administrative workweek; (C) temporary employees engaged on construction work at hourly rates; (D) employees of the Canal Zone Government and the Panama Canal Company when employed on the Isthmus of Panama; (E) commissioned officers of the Public Health Service; (F) commissioned officers of the Coast and Geodetic Survey; (G) doctors, dentists, and nurses in the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the Veterans' Administration; (H) officers and employees of the Senate and House of Representatives; and (I) officers and employees of any corporation under the supervision of the F a r m Credit Administration of which corporation any member of the board of directors is elected or appointed by private interests. (2) This title, except section 203(g), shall not apply to alien employees who occupy positions outside the several States and the District of Columbia. (3) Section 204 of this title shall not apply to officers and members of the Metropolitan Police and the Fire Department of the District of Columbia. A N N U A L LEAVE

SEC. 203. (a) Officers and employees to whom this title applies shall be entitled to annual leave with pay which shall accrue as follows— (1) one-half day for each full biweekly pay period in the case of officers and employees with less than three years of service, (2) three-fourthsday for each full biweekly pay period (except that the accrual for the last full biweekly pay period in the year shall be one and one-fourth days) in the case of officers and employees with three but less than fifteen years of service, and (3) one day for each full biweekly pay period in the case of officers and employees with fifteen years or more of service. I n determining years of service for the purposes of this subsection, there shall be included all service creditable under the provisions of section 5 of the Civil Service Retirement Act of May 29, 1930, as amended, for the purposes of an annuity under such Act and the determination of the period of service rendered may be made upon the basis of an affidavit of the employee. I n the case of an officer or employee who is not paid on the basis of biweekly pay periods, the

Accrual rate.

46 Stat. 472. 5 U.S.C. 5 707.