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65 STAT.]


PUBLIC LAW 26—MAY 7, 1951

Commissioners of the District of Columbia is authorized to advance the standard time applicable to the District one hour for the period commencing not earlier than the last Sunday of April 1951 and ending not later than the last Sunday of September 1951. Any such time established by the Commissioners under the authority of this Act shall, during the period of the year for which it is applicable, be the standard time for the District of Columbia. Approved April 25, 1951.

Public Law 25



JOINT RESOLUTION To give the Department of Commerce the authority to extend certain charters of vessels to citizens of the Republic of the Philippines, and for other purposes.

April 28, 1951 (H.J. Res. 223]

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, notwithstanding any Charters of vessels. E other provisions of existing law, the Secretary of Commerce shall have of P.xtension to citizens I. the authority to extend and continue the present charters of vessels to citizens of the Republic of the Philippines, which charters were made and entered into under the terms of section 306(a) of the Act of April 30, 1946 (Public Law 370, Seventy-ninth Congress). Such charters f^^^^f^ ^pp may be extended for such periods of time and under such terms and § i786 (a);' siip. iv," conditions as the Secretary may, from time to time, determine to be * ^^^ "°*®^" required in the interest of the economy of the Philippines, but any such charter shall contain a provision requiring that the vessel shall be operated only in the interisland commerce in the Philippines. No such vessel shall be continued under charter beyond the completion of the first voyage terminating after April 30, 1952. Approved April 28, 1951.

Public Law 26


AN ACT To authorize the transfer to the Vermont Agricultural College of certain lands in Addison County, Vermont, for agricultural purposes.

May 7, 1951 [S. 271]

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary tuS'i^iiege.^^""^" of Agriculture is authorized and directed to transfer and convey to conveyance, the Vermont Agricultural College, a State-owned corporation, upon acceptance by said agricultural college, without cost, the real property comprising nine hundred forty-two and forty-two one-hundredths acres, more or less, of the United States Morgan Horse F a r m located in Addison County, town of Weybridge, Vermont, and such of the personal property of this station as may be agreed upon, in writing, by the Secretary of Agriculture and the dean of the Vermont Agricultural College. Such real and personal property and research records shall be transferred upon the express condition that they shall be used by the Vermont Agricultural College for the benefit of agriculture for such period as may be agreed upon by the Secretary and the said college at the time of transfer. Expiration of a u The authority herein contained shall expire on June 30, 1951, unless, thorlty!* prior to such expiration date, the dean of the Vermont Agricultural College shall have notified the Secretary of Agriculture of the acceptance of the lands and other property of the station under the terms of this Act. Approved May 7, 1951.