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PUBLIC LAW 253—NOV. 1, 1951

[65 STAT.

(c) The Civil Service Commission shall make full use of its authority to prevent excessively rapid promotions in the competitive civil service and to require correction of improper allocations to higher grades of positions subject to the Classihcation Act of 1949, as mot?ons^*'"°°^ °° ^'^'^ amended. No person in any executive department or agency whose 63 Stat. 954. note^* ^' • * ^

position is subject to the Classification Act of 1949, as amended, shall oe p r o m o t e d or transfer r e d to a h i g h e r g r a d e subject to such Act w i t h o u t h a v i n g served a t least one year i n the next l o w e r ^ r a d e: Provided, That the Civil Service Commission for positions m the competitive service and the head of the e m p l o y i n g agency for positions outside the competitive service may by r e g u l a t i o n p r o v i d e for p r o motions of t w o g r a d e s in one year (1) to positions not h i g h e r than

G S - 5; (2) to positions not higher than GS-11 which are in a line of work properly classified under the Classification Act of 1949 at two-grade intervals; (3) to positions in the same line of work Avhen the employee has completed a training period under a training program approved by the Civil Service Commission for positions in the competitive service, or approved by the head of the employing agency for [)Ositions outside the competitive service; and (4) of an employee of the agency concerned when there is no position in the normal line of promotion in the grade immediately below that of the position to be filled: Provided fuHher^ That this subsection shall not apply to any case involving an employee who is within reach for appointment to a higher grade position on a competitive civil service register, or being advanced up to a grade level from which he had been demoted or separated because of reduction in force. po^tklnr °^ **'"**^ (d) From time to time, but at least annually, each executive department and agency shall (1) review all positions which since September 1, 1950, have been created or placed in a higher grade or level of difficulty and responsibility of work or in a higher basic pay level, (2) abolish all such positions which are found to be unnecessary, (3) with respect to such positions which are found to be necessary, make such adjustments as may be appropriate in the classification grades of those 63^tat^954. ^^^^ positions which are subject to the Classification Act of 1949, as note. " " amended, or in the basic pay levels of those positions which are subject Reportstocongress. ^^ ^^^^^ pay-fixing authority. Not later than July 31 of each year each department and agency shall submit a report to the Post Office and Civil Service Committees and Appropriations Committees of the Senate and House of Representatives concerning the action taken under this paragraph, together with information comparing the total number of employees on the payroll on June 30 and their average grade and salary with similar information for the previous June 30, and each annual and supplemental budget estimate shall include a statement comparing the average grade and salary provided for in each item of appropriation or fund allowance therein with similar figures reported for the two previous periods. SEC. 1311. Appropriations and funds made available by this or any other Act for salaries, wages, or compensation, for the current fiscal year shall also be available for payment of any tax with respect thereto which is imposed on any department, agency, corporation, or other instrumentality of the United States, as an employer, by the M stet.|77^ ^ ^^ provisions of the Social Security Act Amendments of 1950. note. SEC. 1312. Personnel, and appropriations or funds available for salaries and expenses to any department, agency, or corporation in the executive branch of the Government, shall be transferred to any defense activity under the jurisdiction of such department or agency in such numbers or amounts as may be necessary for the discharge of