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SUBJECT Norfolk, Va.: rage Atlantic Fleet H e a d q u a r t e r s, construction of facilities authorized 610 Naval Base, acquisition of land, construction of facilities authorized 610 Naval Degaussing Station, construction of facilities authorized 611 Naval Hospital, construction a u t h o r ized 612 Naval Supply Center ( C h e a t h a m Annex), construction of facilities authorized 610 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, appropriation for 141, 652 North Carolina: Fort Bragg Military Reservation, jurisdiction of State over highway within 60 Great Smoky M o u n t a i n s National Park, appointment of commissioner for, authority of district court 509 North Dakota: Public schools and institutions, pooling of moneys with South D a k o t a and Washington for 283 Sioux Indians, contracts for lands, etc., for Oahe D a m and Reservoir, time extension for negotiation 46 North Lobato Tract, N. Mex., transfer of lands 284 North Platte Federal Reclamation Project, contract with individual water right contractors, authorized 754 Hydroelectric plants, restriction on extension, etc 755 North Slough, Coos County, Oreg., construction of d a m and dike 72 Northeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact, consent of Congress to Canadian participation 71 Northport Irrigation District, restriction on extension of hydroelectric plants, etc_ 755 Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, Calif., acquisition of land, construction of facilities authorized 620

O Oahe Dam and Reservoir, contracts with Sioux Indians for lands, etc., time extension for negotiation Oahu, T. H., Naval Ammunition Depot, construction of facilities a u t h o r i z e d. Occupied Areas, Government and Relief in: Appropriation for 111, 533, 649, Austria, appropriation for Availability of appropriations for Air Force and Army for administration. Germany, appropriation for

46 613

650 650 533 650



Occupied Areas, Government and Relief Page in—Continued J a p a n, authority for transfer of funds to State Department 111 Local currencies, availability to State Department 651 Transfer of functions and property, authority of President 650 Oceanside, Calif., transfer of land to Navy Department, authority 585 Official Register of the United States, nonapplicability of restriction on use of funds for information and editorial functions 419 Olfutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebr., acquisition of land, construction of facilities authorized 615, 623 O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, 111., construction of facilities authorized 616 Ohio, transfer of lands for M o u n d City Group National Monument 42 Oil and G a s: Geological Survey, appropriation for enforcement of d e part m e n t a l regulations on leases, permits, etc 453 Leases, extension of certain ten-year, condition 630 Petroleum products, allocation of tariff quota under Venezuelan trade agreement, proclamation cl5 Petroleum reserves, naval, appropriation for 312, 528 Okinawa, construction of military and naval installations and faciliti<?s authorized 609 Oklahoma: Adair, Cherokee, and Sequoyah Counties, purchase of lands for flood control, requirement of approval of Board of C o u n t y Commissioners. _ 345 Canadian River Commission, creation; salary and d u t y of commissioner. _ 76 C a n a d i a n River Compact, consent of Congress 74 Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, Bureau of. See under Social Security Administration. Olmsted Air Force Base, Middletown, Pa., construction of facilities a u t h o r i z e d.. 624 Olson, Floyd B., Memorial Triangle, D. C, designation 99 Olympic Games, 1952, free importation of racing shells for use in preparation for. 82 Olympic Week: Authority to proclaim 73, 74 Proclamation c33 Omaha, Nebr., Municipal Airport, a p p r o priation for claims 103