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PUBLIC LAW 534-JULY 14, 1952

Public Law 534 JiJy 14, 1952


[66 S T A T.


^ ^ ^ 3 — To authorize certain construction at military and naval installations, and

for other purposes.

Military and n a v a l i n s t allations. Construction.

Be it enacted iy the Senate and House of Representatives United States of America in Congress assembled,

of the

TITLE I Aratiy.

101. The Secretary of the Army, under the direction of the Secretary of Defense, is hereby authorized to establish or develop military installations and facilities by the construction, conversion, installation, or equipment of temporary or permanent public works, including buildings, facilities, appurtenances and utilities, as follows: SECTION


(First Army Area) Fort Devens, Massachusetts: Covered storage and community facilities, $324,000. Fort Dix, New Jersey: Medical facilities, $116,000. Fort Totten, New York: Utilities, $48,000. Camp Wellfleet, Massachusetts: Troop housing, administrative, operational, maintenance, ammunition storage, and community facilities, $1,097,000. (Second Army Area) Fort Campbell, Kentucky: Operational, maintenance, and training facilities and utilities, $822,000. Fort Knox, Kentucky: Training buildings and facilities, research and development facilities, maintenance facilities, land acquisition, and utilities, $11,411,000. Fort George G. Meade, Maryland: Administrative, operational, maintenance, and communications facilities, ammunition storage and utilities, $335,000. Camp Pickett, Virginia: Training buildings and administrative facilities, $142,000. (Third Army Area) Fort Benning, Georgia: Administrative, operational, and maintenance facilities, ammunition, cold, covered, and open storage, and utilities, $5,193,000. Fort Bragg, North Carolina: Maintenance and operational facilities, ammunition, liquid fuel, covered and open storage, and land acquisition, $9,507,000. Fort Jackson, South Carolina: Administrative facility, and utilities, $182,000. Camp Rucker, Alabama: Ammunition storage facilities, $96,000. Fort McClellan, Alabama: Administrative, operational, and maintenance facilities, covered storage, and land acquisition, $361,000. Fort McPherson, Georgia: Ammunition storage, $42,000. Camp Stewart, Georgia: Utilities, $512,000.