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Interior, Department of the—Continued Page Interior, Department of the—Continued Page Mines, Bureau of—Continued Personal services, restriction on funds Conservation and development of available for 276 mineral resources, appropriation Prince William Forest Park, Va., exfor 269 change of lands 184 Construction, appropriation for 270 P u e r to Rico Reconstruction AdminisHealth and safety, appropriation for_ 14, 270 tration, liquidation, disposition of Monroe County, Mich., extension of property, etc 584 time for issuance of p a t e n t s for Reclamation, Bureau of— lands in 581 Administrative expenses, appropriaMorristown, N. J., conveyance of land tion for 267 to 53 Administrative provisions 268 Motor vehicles, passenger, funds availAppropriation for 265, 277 able 276 Construction and rehabilitation, a p National P a r k Service. See also Napropriation for; restriction 266, 277 tional Parks. Construction work by force account Administration of National P a r k Sysor on hired-labor basis, limitatem, facilitation.. J 495 tion 268 Administrative expenses, appropriaEmergency fund, appropriation for.. 267 tion for 271 F a r m units on Federal irrigation projects, exchange and amendment, Administrative provisions 271 funds available for expenses 568 Appropriation for 271, 424 Investigations, appropriation for 265 Availability

496 Obligation of a m o u n t s earned under Construction, appropriation for 271 Coronado National Memorial, Ariz., contract but unpaid, prohibition. 268 supervision, etc cl9 Operation and maintenance, appropriation for 267 District of Columbia, appropriation R e payment contracts, restriction 266 for; advance 293 San Carlos Indian irrigation project, H o v e n w e e p National Monument, Picacho Reservoir, Ariz., purColorado and Utah, supervision, chase of land for 264 etc., of additional lands c22 Special funds, appropriation for 267 J a m e s to w n -Williamsburg-Yorktown W a p a to irrigation project. Wash., Celebration Commission, Direcpurchase of land for 264 tor as m e m b e r of 576 Reclamation projects— Maintenance and rehabilitation of Riverton reclamation project, comphysical facilities, appropriation pensation to Shoshone and Arapafor 271 hoe Tribes for lands in 592 M a n a g e m e n t and protection, approSun River irrigation project, Greenpriation for 271, 424 fields division, construction-cost Olympic National Park, Wash., administration, etc., of additional adjustments 241 Tucumcari reclamation project, N. lands c31 Mex., development period auP a r k police, funds available for 271 thorized 243 Roads, construction, maintenance, Reports to Congress— etc., appropriation for 271 Concession leases and contracts, proWhite Sands National Monument, N. posed awards 271 Mex., administration, etc., of Indian legislation, r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s. B132 additional lands c53 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, Oklahoma, conveyance of lands to State. 590 reports under 469, 470 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act 462 P u e r to Rico Reconstruction AdminOverthrow of United States Governistration, liquidation 585 ment, restriction on employment Reclamation investigations 265 of persons advocating 277