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m Demotions.

L o n g e v i t y Increases.

Rating r e q u i r ( ment.

PUBLIC LAW 74-JUNE 20, 1953



^g) Whenever any officer or member is demoted from any grade to a lower grade and such officer or member prior to such demotion was receiving one or more longevity increases, the Commissioners, in their discretion, may in demoting such officer or member fix his annual basic salary so as to exclude all such earned longevity increases or to include one or more of such earned longevity increases. (d) The Chief of Police shall receive no more than four longevity increases and no other officer or member shall receive more than five longevity increases with respect to service rendered in any one grade. (e) No officer or member shall be entitled to a longevity increase for a five-year period of service unless he has maintained a rating of satisfactory or better for such period. TITLE II—FIRE DEPARTMENT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Of f i^ el^r^lnd ^c ^^^' ^^^' (*) Except as provided in subsection (b) the annual basic members. Salaries of the officers and members of the Fire Department of the District of Columbia shall be at the rates set forth in the following table:

•;: -::.- - i ' U, - '_.' s - ..., - , - - -



Fire chief . $12,500 Deputy fire chief s 8,459 Superintendent of machinery 8,459 Fire marshal 8,459 Battalion fire chiefs 7,753 Assistant superintendent of machinery 7,753 Deputy fire marshal 7,753 Captains 6, 590 n Pilots 6,328 Marine engineers 6,328 Lieutenants 6, 009 Sergeants 5, 521 Assistant pilots 5,038 Assistant marine engineers 5, 038 Inspectors 4,813 Private, class 4 (three or more years' service) 4, 641 Private, class 3 (two or more but less than three years' service) 4,378 Private, class 2 (one or more but less than two years' service) _ 4,115 Private, class 1 (less than one year'service) 3,900 Privates. AH original appointments of privates shall be made at the annual basic salary of $3,900 and the first year of service shall be probationary, (b) Subject to approval of the Commissioners, the annual basic salary of a private or an inspector of the F i r e Department of the District of Columbia shall be increased by an amount not to exceed $390 while he is assigned to duty as a technician. 5-year continSEC. 202. (a) The annual basic salary of each officer and member crease.**"'^*'* ^ * of the Fire Department in a grade above that of private, class 3, except

  • "

the Fire Chief, shall be increased by $120 at the beginning of the next pay period following each five-year period of continuous service completed in such grade, including service in such grade rendered prior to the effective date of this Act: Provided, That in computing service rendered prior to such date by any individual in the grade of private, only service in such grade in excess of three years shall be creditable in determining such increase or increases for any individual assigned to the grade of private, class 4, in the foregoing salary table. For the purpose of this subsection, service shall not be deemed to have been discontinued by reason of any assignment (with an accompanying