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PUBLIC LAW 76-JUNE 24, 1953




[67 S T A T.

for the District of Columbia a statement in writing setting forth the facts tending to show that such a person is a drug user. (b) The tJnited States attorney shall not file a statement under this section with respect to any person who is charged with a criminal offense, whether by indictment, by information, or who is under sentence for a criminal offense, whether he is serving the sentence, or is on probation or parole, or has been released on bond pending appeal. COURT ORDER FOR EXAMINATION

SEC. 4. Upon the filing of such a statement, the court shall order the patient to appear before it for an examination by physicians pursuant to section 6(a) of this Act and for a hearing if required under section 7 of this Act. The copy of the statement and order of the court shall be served personally upon the patient by the United States Marshal. RIGHT TO COUNSEL


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SEC. 5. A patient shall have the right to the assistance of counsel at every stage of the judicial proceeding under this Act. Before the court appoints physicians pursuant to section 6 of this Act it shall advise the patient of his right to counsel and shall assign counsel to represent him if the patient is unable to obtain counsel. EXAMINATIONS BY P H Y S I C I A N S

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SEC. 6. (a) When such a statement has been filed the court shall appoint two qualified physicians^ one of whom shall be a psychiatrist, to examine the patient. For the purpose of the examination the court may order the patient committed for such reasonable period as the court may determine to a suitable hospital or other facility to be designated by the court. Each physician shall, within such periods as the court may direct, file a written report of the examination, which shall include a statement of his conclusion as to whether the patient is a drug user. (b) The counsel for the patient may inspect the reports of the examination. No such report and no evidence resulting from the personal examination of the patient or evidence offered by the patient shall be admissible against him in any judicial proceeding except a proceeding under this Act. W H E N HEARING IS REQUIRED

SEC. 7. If, in a report filed pursuant to section 6 of this Act, either of the examining physicians states that the patient is a drug user, or that he is unable to reach any conclusion by reason of the refusal of the patient to submit to thorough examination, the court shall conduct a hearing in the manner provided in section 8 of this Act. If, on the basis of the reports filed, the court is not required to conduct such a hearing, it shall enter an order dismissing the proceeding under this Act. If a hearing is deemed necessary, then such notice of hearing shall be served personally upon the patient to afford the said patient the opportunity to prepare for the hearing. HEARING

SEC. 8. Upon the evidence introduced at a hearing held for that purpose the court shall determine whether the patient is a drug user. The hearing shall be conducted without a jury unless, before the hear-