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XXll Public Law


Bi-State park compact, Kentucky and Virginia. JOINT RESOLUTION Granting the consent of Congress to the negotiation of a compact relating to the establishment of a bi-State park and/or recreational area by the States of K e n t u c k y and Virginia Aug. 14, 1953- _. 276 Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, liquidation. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing and directing the Secretary of the Interior to liquidate the P u e r to Rico Reconstruction Administration Aug. 15, 1953- _. 277 Indian liquor laws. AN ACT To eliminate certain discriminatory legislation against Indians in the United States Aug. 15, 1953 278 Water conservation facilities. AN ACT To facilitate the development and construction of water conservation facilities by States and municipalities, and for other purposes Aug. 15, 1953 279 Wisconsin retirement fund. AN ACT To permit the coordination of the Wisconsin retirement fund with the Federal oldage and survivors insurance system Aug. 15, 1953 280 Indians, State jurisdiction over criminal and civil offenses. AN ACT To confer jurisdiction on the States of California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, and Wisconsin, with respect to criminal offenses and civil causes of action committed or arising on Indian reservations within such States, and for other purposes Aug. 15, 1953 281 Indians, termination of restrictions. AN ACT To term i n a t e certain Federal restrictions upon Indians Aug. 15, 1953 282 Oklahoma, conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the sale of certain lands to the State of Oklahoma Aug. 15, 1953 283 Internal Revenue Code, amendment. AN ACT To amend section 3250(1)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code to provide that a person entitled to drawback with respect to certain nonbeverage products may elect to receive such drawback on a monthly instead of a quarterly basis Aug. 15, 1953 284 Indians, Shoshone and Arapahoe Tribes. AN ACT To provide compensation to the Shoshone and Arapahoe Tribes of Indians for certain lands of the Riverton reclamation project within the ceded portion of the Wind River Indian Reservation, and for other purposes Aug. 15, 1953 285 Federal Reserve Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Federal Reserve Act so as to authorize national banking associations to make loans on forest t r a c t s ^ Aug. 15, 1953 286 Government mail. AN ACT To reimburse the Post Office Department for the transmission of official Government-mail matter Aug. 15, 1953 - _. 287 _-- Technical Changes Act of 1953. AN ACT To amend the Internal Revenue Code to extend the time during which certain provisions relating to income and estate taxes shall apply, and for other purposes Aug. 15, 1953 288 Merchant Marine Act, 1936, amendments. AN ACT To amend certain provisions of title X I of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended, to facilitate private financing of new ship construction, and for other purposes Aug. 15, 1953




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