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PUBLIC LAW 246-AUG. 8, 1953

III of this Act, and that the total number of such children represents a substantial percentage of the total number of children for whom such agency provides free public education; " (2) the immunity of such Federal property to taxation by such agency has created a substantial and continuing impairment of its ability to finance needed school facilities; " (3) such agency is making a reasonable tax effort and is exercising due diligence in availing itself of State and other financial assistance available for the purpose; and "(4) such agency does not have sufficient funds available to it from other Federal, State, and local sources to provide the minimum school facilities required for free public education in its school district, he may provide the additional assistance necessary to enable such agency to provide such facilities, upon such terms and in such amounts (subject to the provisions of this section) as the Commissioner may consider to be in the public interest; but such additional assistance may not exceed the portion of the cost of such facilities which the Commissioner estimates is attributable to children who reside on Federal property, and which has not been, and is not to be, recovered by the local educational agency from other sources, including payments by the United States under any other provisions of this Act or any other law, " (b) There are hereby authorized to be appropriated for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and the succeeding fiscal year such sums, not to exceed $20,000,000 in the aggregate, as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section. There are also authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary for administration of such provisions. Amounts so appropriated, other than amounts appropriated for administration, shall remain available until expended, except that after June 30, 1955, no agreement may be made to extend assistance under this section. "(c) No payment may be made to any local educational agency under subsection (a) except upon application therefor which is submitted through the appropriate State educational agency and is filed with the Commissioner in accordance with regulations prescribed by him, and which meets the requirements of section 205(b)(1). I n determining the order in which such applications shall be approved, the Commissioner shall consider the relative educational and financial needs of the local educational agencies which have submitted approvable applications and the nature and extent of the Federal responsibility. No payment may be made under subsection (a) unless the Commissioner finds, after consultation with the State and local educational agencies, that the project or projects with respect to which it is made are not inconsistent with over-all State plans for the construction of school facilities. All determinations made by the Commissioner under this section shall be made only after consultation with the appropriate State educational agency and the local educational agency. " (d) Amounts paid by the Commissioner to local educational agencies under subsection (a) may be paid in advance of, or by way of reimbursement for, work performed or purchases made pursuant to the agreement with the Commissioner under this title, and may be paid in such installments as the Commissioner may determine. All such payments shall be made through the disbursing facilities of the Department of the Treasury and prior to audit or settlement by the General Accounting Office. Any funds paid to a local educational agency and not expended or otherwise used for the purposes for which paid shall be repaid to the Treasury of the United States."



20 USC 275.