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PUBLIC LAW 2 3 - A P R. 30, 1953

area (except that clause (2) of this sentence shall not apply in any area in which is located an Atomic Energy Commission installation and the housing accommodations in such area are owned by the Federal Government; however, maximum rents under this title shall not apply to any such housing accommodations when sold by the Federal Government): "(1) A new plant or installation of the Department of Defense or the Atomic Energy Commission has been or is being provided, or an existing plant or installation of either of such agencies has been or is being reactivated or its operation substantially expanded; "(2) Substantial in-migration of defense workers or military personnel is required to curry out activities at such plant or installation; and "(3) A substantial shortage of housing required for such defense workers or military personnel exists which has resulted or threatens to result in excessive rent increases and which impedes or threatens to impede activities of such plant or installation." SEC. T. Section 204 of the Housing and Rent Act of 1947, as amended, is amended by adding L,t the end thereof the following new subsection: " (r) Regulations or orders under this title shall be subject to the same proceedings for protest and review as are provided for regulations or orders relating to price controls by sections 407 and 408 of the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended, and for such purpose such sections are hereby continued notwithstanding the provisions of section 717 of the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended." SEC. 8. Subsection (a) of section 208 of the Housing and Rent Act of 1947, as amended, is amended to read as follows: " (a) The President shall administer the powers, duties, and functions conferred upon him by this Act through such officer or agency of the Government as he may designate. In accordance with the action taken by him pursuant to the preceding sentence, the President shall provide for appropriate transfers of records, property, necessary personnel, and unexpended balances of appropriations, allocations, and other funds heretofore under the jurisdiction of, or available to, the Office of Rent Stabilization. Any employees of the Office of Rent Stabilization not so transferred shall, unless transferred to other positions in the Government, be separated from the service. The President shall make such provisions as he shall deem appropriate for the termination and liquidation of the affairs of the Office of Rent Stabilization, but such liquidation shall be accomplished no later than July 31, 1953. For the purpose of determining the status of employees transferred to an agency administering functions provided for in this Act, they shall be deemed to be transferred in connection with a transfer of functions." SEC. 9. Nothing in this Act or in the Housing and Rent Act of 1947. as amended, shall be construed to require any person to offer any housing accommodations for rent. SEC. 10. The second sentence of section 203 of the Defense Production Act Amendments of 1952 is amended to read as follows: "Any committee so appointed shall consist, in addition to a chairman, of representatives of the Department of Defense and the Housing and Home Finance Agency." Approved April 30, 1953.

AEC i n s t a l l ations.

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