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PUBLIC LAW 56-JUNE 6, 1953



(5) South twenty-two degrees forty-six minutes twenty seconds west one hundred seventy-four and fifty-eight one-hundredths feet to the point and place of beginning, containing approximately eighteen thousand square feet. The above described land, upon conveyance to the town of Morristown, shall thereupon cease to be a part of the Morristown National Historical Park. Approved June 6, 1963. Public Law 56


u n e 6, 1953 R. 1561]

Tennessee^ Conveyance.


U. S. reentry.


AN ACT Authorizing the transfer of certain property of the Veterans' Administration (in Johnson City, Tennessee) to the State of Tennessee.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs be, and he is hereby, authorized to transfer to the State of Tennessee certain property of the Veterans' Administration situated in Johnson City, Tennessee, and described as follows: Approximately thirty acres of land comprising the westerly portion of the Veterans Administration Center, the exact courses and distances of the perimeter of which shall be determined and approved by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs. The State of Tennessee shall pay the cost of surveys as may be required by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs in determining the required legal description. The land shall be conveyed together with all buildings, improvements thereon, and all appurtenances and utilities belonging or appertaining thereto, and the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs shall execute and deliver in the name of the United States in its behalf any and all contracts, conveyances, or other instruments as may be necessary to effectuate the said transfer: Provided, That the State of Tennessee shall perpetuate and provide for the maintenance of the cemetery located on the property: Provided further. That there shall be reserved to the United States all minerals, including oil and gas, in the lands authorized for conveyance of this section. SEC. 2. Such conveyance shall contain a provision that said property shall be used primarily for training of the National Guard and for other military purposes, and that if the State of Tennessee shall cease to use the property so conveyed for the purposes intended, then title thereto shall immediately revert to the United States, and in addition, all improvements made by the State of Tennessee during its occupancy shall vest in the United States without payment of compensation therefor. SEC. 3. Such conveyance shall contain the further provision that whenever the Congress of the United States shall declare a state of war or other national emergency, or the President declares a state of emergency to exist, and upon the determination by the Secretary of National Defense that the property so conveyed is useful or necessary for military, air, or naval purposes, or in the interest of national defense, the United States shall have the right, without obligation to make payment of any kind, to reenter upon the property and use the same or any part thereof, including any and all improvements made by the State of Tennessee for the duration of such state of war or other national emergency and upon the cessation thereof plus six months said property is to revert to the State of Tennessee: Provided, however, That the United States shall have no obligation to restore the property in any way. Approved June 6, 1953.