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(1) is wholly the production of the Philippine Islands, any possession of the United States, or the Territory of the Pacific Islands (hereinafter in this paragraph referred to as the "Trust Territory"), or (2) was produced wholly from materials the growth or production of the Philippine Islands, any possessions of the United States, or the Trust Territory: Provided, however, That such additional tax shall apply in respect of coconut oil (whether or not contained in a combination or mixture) so derived from the Trust Territory, to such extent, and at such time after the date of the applicable proclamation, as the President, after taking into account the responsibilities of the United States with respect to the economy of the Trust Territory, shall hereafter determine and proclaim to be justified to prevent substantial injury or the threat thereof to the competitive trade of any country of the free world. (c) PROCESSED FOR EXPORTATION.—Upon the giving of bond satisfactory to the Secretary or his delegate for the faithful observance of the provisions of this chapter requiring the payment of taxes, any person shall be entitled, without payment of the tax, to process for exportation any article wholly or in chief value of an article with respect to which a tax is imposed by section 4511. SEC. 4514. CROSS REFERENCE TO GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS. See subtitle F for administrative provisions of general application to the taxes imposed under this chapter.


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