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Subchapter C—Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouses Part I. Establishment, Part II. Operation.

PART I—ESTABLISHMENT Sec. 5231. Authority to establish. Sec. 5232. Bond requirements. Sec. 5233. Establishment of bottling in bond department. SEC. 5231. AUTHORITY TO ESTABLISH.

The Secretary or his delegate is authorized, in his discretion, and upon the execution of such bonds as he may prescribe, to establish warehouses, to be designated as internal revenue bonded warehouses, to be used exclusively for the storage of spirits distilled at a registered distillery, including a registered fruit distillery. No dwelling house shall be used for such a warehouse, and no door, window, or other opening shall be made or permitted in the walls of such warehouse leading into a distillery. The sole type and kind of bonded warehouse under the internal revenue laws for the storage of spirits distilled at a registered distillery, including a fruit distillery, on which the tax has not been paid, shall be an internal revenue bonded warehouse. The establishment and construction of such internal revenue bonded warehouses shall be under such regulations as the Secretary or his delegate shall prescribe. SEC. 5232. BOND REQUIREMENTS.

(a) GENERAL.—The Secretary or his delegate shall, by regulations, prescribe the form and penal sums of bonds covering distilled spirits in internal revenue bonded warehouses and in transit to and between such warehouses: Provided, That the penal sums of such bonds covering distilled spirits shall not exceed in the aggregate $200,000 for each such warehouse. Such bonds shall be conditioned (1) on the withdrawal of the spirits from the internal revenue bonded warehouse within 8 years from the date of original entry for deposit; (2) on payment of the tax on the spirits as determined on withdrawal from the internal revenue bonded warehouse; and (3) on compliance with all provisions of law and regulations relating to the business of warehousing distilled spirits. (b) ADDITIONAL B O N D. — N o distilled spirits, other than distilled spirits authorized by law to be withdrawn without payment of tax, shall be withdrawn from an internal revenue bonded warehouse except on the payment of the tax at the time of withdrawal unless the warehouseman has furnished such bond (in addition to that required in subsection (a)) to secure payment of the tax in such form and in such penal sum, and has complied with such other requirements, as the Secretary or his delegate may by regulations prescribe. (c) R E N E W A L REQUIRED IN CERTAIN CASES.—New bonds shall be required in case of the death, insolvency, or removal of the surety or § 5232(c)